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  1. Are u kidding me? U saw the video at least? I show how the monster in Cruma Tower give EXACTLY the same EXP points than the wiki says (even if they are using different rates, Royal Cave Servant ALWAYS should give more exp than Death Knight. If isn't, there is a bug. I don't understand why people justify all with "L2 wiki is for EU server, which has different settings". Yes, the DEV team said that because they don't want fix the Adena, Drop, and Spoil rates. But they didn't say anything about the EXP rate (i guess than should be x1), and if it is x1, and the Death Knight give the same EXP like
  2. Monsters in DV give less EXP and SP than should have. I just make a video with 1 of them. Please, fix that. I await a response from the development team. VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIoZ5t4Hz2Y
  3. Sadly, it's more easy buy mats of the bots who are selling it very cheap than spoiling them. (i saw a guy selling more than 8k of A.Bone, 5k Charcoal, 6k Coal, 6k Varnish). The only way to get that insane quantity of mats with this stupid spoil rates are with multiply bots permafarm 24/7. Rates and decisions of GM was maked to benefit the bots and adena sellers since the start of the server. (Sorry for my english, i'm Spanish speaker)
  4. 1) Add a option to block all messages from chars lvl 20/30 or below. I'm tired of mute more than 5 bots level 10 per day spamming chat adena. 2) Give to us a feedback about the adena/drop/spoil decision. The post had more than 400 replies and 0 from the DEV team. I mean, if u want make a server more hardcore, why a monster lvl 25 drops more adena than a monster lvl 52? Here are 2 changes to make: a) Nerf Adena/Drop/Spoil rates in low-lvl areas. b) Fix Adena/Drop/Spoil rates in mid-high lvl areas. Quantity of the Adena drops ALWAYS was proportional with the level of the mo
  5. It's obvius, u are the only one who are asking for that. 44 persons already voted understanding the votation.
  6. About Adena, Drop, Spoil rates. (That's Obviously) Who said than i want that? Its a votation, for we, the players.
  7. Do you agree with the decision made by the DEV team? https://www.ferendum.com/es/PID205587PSD33447
  8. Your web page its bugged. I press in "My tickets" or "Submit a ticket" and im redirected to Account Settings, wtf? I reported more than 5 bots in last week and they still boting and now i cant even reclaim that?
  9. After saw than NCwest team didn't change the adena and drop rate at 40+ level zones and basicly a mob lvl 28 drops more adena than a monster lvl 48 and the 1/4 of the server population are bots farming in low lvl zones to sell Adena without a hard control, i have a doubt... Are bots friends from NCwest? They want earn more dollars selling adena in your own game? "It's a Free to Play" it's not a excuse. There are a lot of servers Classic F2P without a store P2W like this with normal adena/drop/spoil rates. So, why did this? I don't understand... This was the best proyect of NCwes
  10. Hello! I have a doubt over here... Today a guy has accused me of botting because i was farming with my 3 chars... I switch window every time to do it, i have a macro to target, assist, and attack. But i don't understand, he said than was recording me and making a ticket... So, am i a bot with automated stun? He said that... Please, help me guys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqcwNjb5JQY&feature=youtu.be
  11. What are waiting for? Do they continue discussing after more than a month? If a monster level 28 drops the same or MORE adena than a monster level 45, here it's a CLEARLY PROBLEM. Nothing to discuss. NOTHING. People is tired of waiting, too many just leave because the DEV TEAM don't do anything. It's A OFFICIAL SERVER, WHY TAKE MUCH TIME TO FIX SOMETHING VERY SIMPLE? I don't understand, really. I came here for a serious servitor.
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