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  1. In the page of the Red Libra event page, we dont have the information of some quests that are available on the Blue NPC, like the "Red Libra Request Tanor Canyon
  2. isle of souls quests

    i cant find this golem
  3. Paulina Twilight Bracelet

    Paulina Twilight Bracelet was given to all new players and those who did not have dualclass, old players are unable to add this item to the inventory, but the item increases STR / DEX / CON / INT / WIT / MEN by 1, much better than raid bosses bracelets. we need to have some way to get this bracelet. or removes the status +1 from them, or sale in the lst store some that has 5 slots and of +2 status.
  4. Lower price please

    please lower the price of vitality items or increase the number of items, is coming out so expensive that I gave up buying, hugs.