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  1. @Hime letter collector event exchange window is alredy gone for peaople who just logged in. Why you did it again? Event should be finished during maintenance, not befeore it! Peoples are unable to exchange letters... Ah yea it was FREE event, we should not complain becasue NC SOFT gave use something for FREE, not like other event for $$$$$$$$$$$
  2. Hello @Hime after update I see only 1 problem - mob groups on spots. You changed ammount of mobs in 1 groups (thats good +) but you drastically changed groups of them (it is bad). It means less places to exp - sad bad true.
  3. It is not everything. Do you remember Dimensional Rift (100 days) and the other one 30 days? Mobs are still there!!
  4. 1. Not true - last time I had answer in 15 min 2. I mean mean skill lags here? 90% times I/my party die on celestial/on undying will because of server lag 3. Remove bots - yes bots not box - you will get less ppl here 4. But cheaper than here 6. Who said you need box? And no1 buy premium for month, if you wany premium u will buy 6 months/1year
  5. https://imgur.com/gMJmCbF 2h+ waiting. Is there sense to log in? I don't think so....
  6. Some one bought your item. In 99% bot
  7. @Juji thanks for answer and apologise for my mistake. I was 100% sure that I read it should be 30kk hmmm, my bad.
  8. Shining Venusta Reward Box gives 3kk Adena instead of 30kk. @Juji @Hime check it please
  9. Ups lags back when server went High until Medium everything was good. Sad
  10. For me Naia server is working very well. There is no lag, no disconnect since yesterday maintenance. Good job team!
  11. Enchant Scrolls clan mission: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JQ6giFbTVDHobxc3GSYi-LsgTZRX2Amz
  12. Here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X242Fm2_YCgolN_xWu9BnP9rzRCm5sYw/view?usp=drivesdk 100% success rate. 2echants every 2 mentees as mission reward. +12 is max enchant
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