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  1. Do you see how many players write topics on the forum about banned accounts. Do not you see that something is wrong? The system requires your interference, fix it. You can probably check how the player behaved during the game, it is very easy to just want to do it. Does the security program search files in our computers and collect information?
  2. support wrote back to me that they will not write back for my tickets .... I got the ban at the time I was fishing ... if so many accounts have been wrongly banned, then something is wrong?
  3. Ncsoft banishes legally playing people and does not control it. They wrote to me that I used the bot and banned 2 accounts permanently Oo. I had accounts from 2003 and never used a bot and I did not buy Adena. I had characters on Chronos , Naia and Giran. This is a circus.
  4. THX ncsoft 11. November, for reporting bots, you banned my 2 accounts, thanks for such care .... you take care of bots rather than players. I have reported this situation to your support but how long I have to wait ...
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