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  1. Cant fine a spot to grind because how many bots have infested the servers...please do something
  2. execution grounds has more bots than real players...so sad.
  3. so sad i meet more bots than real players, cant lvl right now in execution grounds because the place is swarmed with bots...1 week and the same bots there again and again...i dont care about the rates or the queues but is this just lineage 2 nowadays? playing alone with people cheating all day without getting banned? seriously first week was thinking on getting vip status but for what? to play against machines all day?
  4. right now big problem is the queue list...just too much for anyone willing to play. we all know servers has many failures but if you cant even play and enjoy a game playing while you have freetime its a recipe for disaster... first fix : max account per computer now is 2 (3 is max number right know) second fix : autokick by time, meet people with more than 100 hours login in just hitting an NPC or stores selling a stem for 1millon for a week...why? if you are loged in a peace zone for more than 3-4 days server should kick you automatically, people should start using forum for trades
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