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  1. There is definitely something wrong with PK system if 5 players can make 1000 players (except top clans) stop exp and enjoy the game. Now my gameplay looks like this: go transcendent dungeon, primeval island, go to toi, dv, lizardmen, get pked twice, res with 2 free reses, logout. Before I could spend lcoins and res, now I dont see any reason to spend a penny if I get pked anyway.
  2. SP is not a problem, just do daily raids and learn only most important skills, when you can hunt in attribute zones you have tons of SP and can learn other skills
  3. I'm disappointed. No cake compensation, instead another p2w item. Good job.
  4. You guys are discussing wrong things. What we really want is Fioti npc back without the cake, the top rewards are for bots anyway.
  5. @Juji As most people say, It would be way better if you spawn Fioti npc with rewards twice a day omitting the raid part.
  6. In classic there is no noblesse and subclasses.
  7. Hello, guys. I need advice on dyes setup. If I get it right, we cant make any stat > 5 with dyes, correct? So x2 +4 wit dyes useless. Which should be better for ES? +4 wit, +1 wit, +4 int is good? Or any others?
  8. The adena drop was right this weekend, I finally could maintain shots, spirit ore and even tp from dion to aden twice I currently play 3 boxes: summoner, prophet and bladedancer, they all lvl 42 now. Now the weekend event is off, I can stay in cruma and make 30k adena per buff for 3 toons (10k each) and can't go to aden for dungeon daily. I now have top D mage staff, but sooner or later I will need C grade. I don't have much time to play 2-4 hours a day), and if things keep the same I'll have to quit classic. We'll see, maybe the l2 team change this decision someday. ps Think I'm
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