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  1. Hi everyone, I have an issue when trying to log in at the server-selection window. When I select any server, click OK, the window does not change and after 10 secs that "The game will shut down" alert message pops out. Any ideas? Tyvm.
  2. The Matchstick Sisters Event Starts 12/12

    I have a question. The XP/SP bonus from "Matchstick Sister’s Blessing (2-hour)", does it stack with the 50% XP/SP bonus of the weekend? TY
  3. The Matchstick Sisters Event Starts 12/12

    Does anyone knows where is the Tree of Sea of Spores, for example, but on any farming spot? TY
  4. about RB Respawn times

    I've killed a boss on Tuesday and by Wednesday, after 24 hs, the bosses did not respawned yet. Next time that you kill a boss check for it. Don't think that anyone will collect the evidence for you xD.
  5. Hi, I want to leave here a question that may be silly, but anyways. Suppose that the PC I have at home is the only one I have capable of running L2. Then I also have some other device with TeamViewer installed on it (also on the PC), and I connect to my PC through TeamViewer (from my device). Would TeamViewer be considered an "illegal third-party software" on that case, if I simply use L2 from my device through it? Thanks, :D.
  6. Man, I think that SK is high more valuable at a social level (for AOE party, RB, and in general tanks are at the top of wanted for any group) but personally, I think that SK's sucks for mass PVP, go with a DA, or a Paladin for that (to say a tank). By the other side TH's are solo-or-solo players, and also don't do that much on mass PVP, but I would avoid a pvp with a TH in 1v1, 1v2, 1v3, at any cost, it's like the impredictable dangerous warrior for closed PVP.