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  1. Could we please have a server where you can only have one account per person? The state of the game would really change for the better, and I know Im not the only one that thinks this way. It would really make for better gameplay and roles.
  2. Holy Bot Town

    This thing is full of bots just grinding away at all the spots, can you please do a cleanse or something? It's destroying the server's economy and feel.
  3. Shillen Oracle Mana Regen

    So yeah, I'm basically obligated to box a character that can actually play the game and relegate my main to being a buff box forever. Awesome.

    Its impossible to grind.
  5. Shillen Oracle Mana Regen

    Its insane! I can't do anything by myself, Im trying to main a dark elf cleric and its mana regenerates so bleep slowly its astonishing. I cant play it for more than a couple of minutes before my mana hits critical points and have to sit for over 5 minutes or more for it to recover. The recovery rate is insanely low, thats what Im complaining about. please check it out, compared to other classes we can't do anything, not even on undead grounds. Let me tell you why this is insane. I made a Human Wizard, and those recharging pets not only hit like a truck, they are a permanent mana recharger, AND their mana regeneration is way better than dark elves. Are you making me double box just to be able to play the class I want to main? Otherwise nerf the wizards regen just as much. Why is this so unbalanced? I can't even play like this.