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  1. The Game is now Unplayable

    Come on...
  2. REPUTATION -254

    You probably are without XP, you need some % experience to continue dying and increase your reputation. You will probably remove the PK while killing monsters to gain XP;)
  3. Any news about the problems that are occurring in the server at this moment? i.e. not soulshots
  4. Game Opens to an Exit Button

    Video: https://take.ms/PvBz2u
  5. Thank you for your attention Juji I appreciate! I had already used the wayback machine but as the @Rayduxz said the site was not complete, but ok. If there was a notice I could have created a copy, but I trusted in NC. I want to express once again my sadness in following this series of acts of the NC demonstrating disinterest in maintaining the background of L2. I will continue watching the orchestra and dancing (playing) as the NC band. Thanks again for being the Master Juji . @metricblu3
  6. I did not ask the lore of the game, but I think you @Juji understood, if not just read my post again. I just want to know if the legacy site will come back even if it is temporarily and if the current site is maintained. Master Juji does not disappoint, right ?! It was not just lore that lost, much more than just this, you know.
  7. I hope NCSoft responds "this is temporary and everything is back to normal, it's only temporary while Classic is being released". It was announced the end of the old forum and we had time to create a copy, this action by NCSoft clearly was something negative, but "ok". Now, we have a new website, beautiful but not very functional. Will the old site come back? it had options and information that were not migrated to the new one. And most importantly, the legacy site (http://legacy.lineage2.com) no longer exists without prior notice. There was a lot of cool content there, for example an interview with the first clan to conquer a castle in the history of L2. It was in the "legacy" that we found the story of the game, where it is possible as the community was valued even in the details, today things have changed, not even a patch notes is delivered in the same way, look back and see what has improved and what worsened teaches us, comforts us and brings us good memories. People who care about history and the background of the game today may be a minority (I do not know), but one day it was, and even if few (do not know) we care. All before the launch of the Classic was lost? P.S: At least the "legacy" site could come back so we can make a copy, it was just html. English is not my mother tongue
  8. Arcana Lord

    Hey @Slowdough, I think in other words what our friend @Riddick wanted to say is recommend this part of the forum: https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/35-general-discussion/ P.S: I do not know how to answer your question
  9. Old Forums Being Removed

    Hero! Thanks a lot!
  10. Old Forums Being Removed

    Could you give me a copy?
  11. Old Forums Being Removed

    @Hime @Juji It would be really cool if you keep the forum just one more week online, but if it is not possible, please wait for the end of this day. I'm still finishing downloading the forum A little mercy
  12. Non-English Forum

    In fact the problem is moderation, other forums elect volunteers from the community without special powers through a selection process (know English, forum activity, etc.) they have direct contact with staff members like you using a closed forum session for those who have privileged access. It's just an idea, for inspiration I recommend the Wezen Mu Online forum (http://forum.webzen.com/forum/en/mu-online-english), it works very well. Think fondly Thanks for the attention @Hime PS: English is not my mother tongue.