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  1. Apocalypse Shooter

    WTB Apocalypse Shooter, a +4 2sa 300 would be nice, or blessed +4 2sa 300. or trade with things i have a seraph robe +34343 (top blessed +4) all 3x120, have a coc ring. if has more +++ tell me we can arrange smth hope i can find one or its pointless to go as a yul kamael) pm me SilverPhantom or email me thnx
  2. Newbie questions

    this post is old i know, cuz i wanted to reroll i was mage/summoner used same robe/retri (lv 89/98) and i opened a kamael for fun and i liked the view with wings etc. i went yul trickster and dual dagger (the elf one) so kamael yul/othell but jesus market is EMPTY even this now 1 year later. i asked some1 one dagger apoc +4 1sa 150 he said 600kk and not to mention there are no shooters NOT ONE GOOD apoc or some enchanted at least +4 2sa 300. i dont want the bow there is a reason i went kamael i wanted xbow. but with these 2 classes xbow/dagger is impossible to get weapons so yea THAT IS A GOOD reason to stop it. or not delete i can use it for freya/zaken still they are 85 ;p and i think as a new player thise leg lv 1 +3 -1 are good. u can get 2 dex 1 str for each. so u get 3str 5 dex -2 cons but kamael has higher stats on cons than dark elf
  3. opening a new char

    actually i opened a tricster and dual wanted a dagger (but its so hard to find a weapon for both and the dual dagger are so expensive, shooter are in existent in the AH) idk wanted to reroll but think i wont. so hard to find weapons for both
  4. opening a new char

    hello i was thinking is good to play archer? of course people will say play what you like but i like mage, and currenly have one mage/summoner, and i use on both robe. but i was thinking on rerolling to archer. how is it as for pve mostly for now, (pvp later), group parties and solo grind. and i wanted to go archer/dagger maybe? any idea, thank you
  5. adena making?

    "The fact that you are 93 means you have given 0 effort to your toon probably playtime is not more than 15 active houres " LOL is that even an answer??? you understand that people have jobs, real life, and things to do yea? i dont have time for cp cuz i dont have a specific play time, i play at 11 am and maybe at 20, or maybe 1-2 days i dont so its not that easy. I saw the game and for 93 i saw plenty, and the drops are 0 dont try to defend the game since without paying 19812738912 euros is hard to gear up. Plus the guy before "drop 200$" lol even if I LOVE THE GAME max i would spend is like 10$, dropping 200 its crazy and stupid, plus i live in a country where the min salary is 200 dollars so nope. i could go lv 99 with the mentee certificates armors/weapons max +3 some sa and thats all. at least i made my dual summoner since i have pet shots cuz i dont use them in dungeons just once in a while since no money to make more
  6. my friend was banned cuz he got dc twice in a row, and ncosft banned cuz they said "he used bots or smth else program" so yea if u dont p2w they can ban u easily. he was perma ban for what ISP PROBLEM? lmao
  7. adena making?

    im currently 93 and still have no idea how to get gear lol, people say they remove dhe drop/adena cuz of bots why not remove bots and leave the adena. I remember when Fortuna used to drop tw pieces, or spezion, istina kartia etc the 85-94 lv dungeons. Now the only thing u get is some stupid appearance weapon/armor. i know the game is SUPER P2W but at least the the drops so people can enjoy a bit like this i will go lv 99 with requiem mentee armor, a +0 weapon and nothing lol where still people sell things like 6b, 12b, 55b and i have like what 10m? is there any chance u get drops after 99? or should i just quit cuz swiping is not a choice and not worth to spend on a 2004 dead p2w bot game sry the post but i used to love l2 now is just you open the party room and look people who wanna sell nothing more. some lv 100+ parties (like 2-3 max) i remember doing balok with my friend char and drop some ench armor or smth like wtf. Istina is a dead dungeon even Octavis. you cant grind on some places cuz of bots and idk else u enter game and do kartia leave gg
  8. Special Ability Weapon

    Did they changed numbaer of Gem (r) for weapon from 20 40 to 30 187? lol what happened
  9. Best class for newbies

    eviscerator need dual blunt? what apo retri r99? u mean r99 for main and 1 apoc for dual?
  10. Best class for newbies

    im not hardcore just for fun mostly, wanted to go mage ertheia and dual summ since i can use same of everything and faster to make dual class.. other classes are a pain 2 subs 1 dual or i can go mage/summ dark elf and same things i can use i know is p2w, but most mmos are p2w now
  11. Best class for newbies

    Hello, Which class is better to open as new, i mean ofc DD for damage and fast xp, and for late game also to xp faster and what parties require the most to have. PVE mostly (even though i like more PVP) or smth in between Any idea would be great Thnx
  12. Drop Rate NERFED AGAIN!

    i dont understand why people "defend" lineage 2 on drops. People used to gear and get gold just by doing kartia, spezion, fortuna freya zaken or normal istina when u could get a full tw piece, now u cant get anything. even on high level dungeons u see stupid drops. Game is f2p and 200% p2w, if u wanna get good spend 18913712897 dollars if not just sit back and enjoy what u can (1 shot by others). people used to do even teredor to get some requiem/immortal or even u could get them in BS. now u get fortune pouches like why? complete useless drop.
  13. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 11, 2018

    it is not 40 for the second ? and 20 for the first?
  14. WTB/WTS

    WTB Full Twilight Set Leather (top +4 would be good ) WTB Top Grade Ring, Top Grade Earring, Zaken Earring and Frintezza Neck - Tell me the price for each of them WTS Jewel Powder (145kk) each NAIA SERVER Have a good day
  15. Bring back drops

    are you kidding or what ???????? 30 day set. man i want like it was to have my set, put enchantments, elements etc etc no more paulinas cousins plz