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  1. esto es lo que hace ncsoft

    No hubieses boteado. Saludos.
  2. About wizard weapons

    2h weapon for farming, 1h weapon for pvp

    PM / MAIL me ingame, Tinzor
  4. Exp Curve for this version

    Yes, you need 30kk exp to get to lvl 36 from lvl 1, and 25kk exp to get to lvl 35 from lvl 1. So to get to lvl 36 from lvl 35 is only 5kk exp.
  5. Beware of the RB's CC

    Yes there is. Just check the system messege window who got the drop, /target them and you'll see they are not in our clan. How many people do you think we are? just 10 fellas organizing raids, making a party each one and filling it with random people. Dont be so paranoic and stop crying about not getting any drops. Yes, they show that the CC leader was changed in order for Maaii to get more exp. What's your point ? The looting was still in general.
  6. Beware of the RB's CC

    Yes, don't discourage the community to come raiding with us, you'll have the same possibility to get drops as everyone else. Just make sure to be near raid when i'ts about to die in order to pick them up!
  7. Beware of the RB's CC

    Because Jhonn is the one organizing the raids, and during them he's constantly inviting people to join the CC. And regarding the drops, full items you can see who picks them up, and if you checked you would have noticed it was no one from our clan. For enchants its the same but you cant check who picks them up, only if its someone in your party then you'll see it in yellow letters.
  8. Beware of the RB's CC

    Hi, Tinzor from TheGangsters here. I've been raiding with my clan for several nights now, and everytime or leader Jhonn makes sure the looting is in "general" before the raid starts in order for it to drop items on the ground so anyone can pick them up. If the looting accidently changes before starting the raid, we'll wait for it to change back to normal cos there's no manual way of doing it. As for the CC leader change, you would notice that it doesnt affect the looting rules, else a big message would pop on screen. The reason CC leader is given to Mai is for her to earn more exp as she is the lowest lv in our clan. BTW, we've done more than 15 raids by now and the only drop we got was a D grade necklace.
  9. WTT Glaive for Atuba or Ghost

    PM/Mail me ingame (Tinzor) or answer here.
  10. I had the same problem, i changed my mouse and it fixed it