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  1. Dungeon Abyss

    had 1 eac and 1 nassen earring in the last 3 days
  2. BAN

  3. STOP CRY..!!

    during the last exp event some ppl lvled a char to 60 in 2 weeks..so of course its easy
  4. Bug on Goblin Tomb Raider Leader

    just because for u its a bug, doesnt means, that its a bug. On all offi classics ppl start to mention it as a bug and everywhere (except here till now) they get the answer that this mob works as intended. sorry that the truth is stupid for u. Its probably u then, who live in his own world and just wanna accept his own view to the things.
  5. Can't get past server selection

    guys, use any kind of vpn to log in meanwhile till its fixed..it works!

    "like all the servers" ? Not sure about which servers ur talking about but thats a game feature. Means, u see that on all other offi classic servers too. And ur last argument is invalid, since this just works one time, because when they have killed the rb for the 2nd time the rb will respawn just at this static time again. And killing it twice is just possible, when it wasnt killed by someone before. So its up to you, to kill it when no one else kill it.
  7. Question about reswan

    yeah just noticed that he said "for my tank"
  8. Bug on Goblin Tomb Raider Leader

    its not an issue nor bug..its like it should
  9. content for beginners (or how to break the game)

    actually i see allot of rb parties at 30+..so just lvl up a bit more. Other problem is the loot share, which mostly not happen in random CC Raids. So low lvl ppl dont wanna join
  10. Question about reswan

    depending on your class u could go to Sea of Spores and hunt the stone golems there, since they drop DW also
  11. Greater Heal problem?

    Thats the point..."in same context results should be double"...thats not happen, doesnt matter which skills u compare. Because of the hidden values. There are my 99% comes in again. For example a flame hawk with 13k power doesnt do the double dmg as a double shot with 6,5k power. And ur right, descriptions are often wrong too.
  12. Enchanting question

    Because there isnt any exploit around. IF there would be, ppl would use it on top c and B weapons also, since ppl are greedy. I just can talk about giran server and i see like a handful +16 weapons around. Some made by a vietnamese top farmer cp, other by a famous russian streamer that gets tons of payment, that hes able to enchant every day new weapons to +15/+16 live on stream and the rest just by randoms. None of the big clans/allys out there any anyhow impressed about the current amount of high enchanted weapons. Its just normal compared to other classic projects
  13. Greater Heal problem?

    U shouldnt start to try to explain game mechanics to your self by logic. Because if u go like this u will notice, that 99% of the skills doesnt makes sense. All the Power measures of skills have different hidden values and calculations/formulas behind. About the Mana thing, u just see the cost efficiency but not the heal and time efficency. So even, when greater heal costs more mana/hp point, it heals more hp in this moment. In later game stages this heal gap will be much bigger and its a difference in pvp/pve situations, if u get healed for 800hp in 1 heal or just around 400 (which means that u need 2x heal to have the same effect).
  14. Enchanting question

    its just questionsable when u dont think twice...Just ask yourself, IF there would be any bug/exploit whatever, why there isnt any +15 or+16 top c or b weapon around yet ?