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  1. hatchling pet doesnt exist in classic
  2. Thats ur opinion and just urs... And it also wasnt like u think on skelth. Just log on your skelth char and check it by ur self. it just works with your base critrate and it allways just worked with the base critrate...deal with it and accept that u are wrong.
  3. ur wrong. Focus just works with ur base crit rate.
  4. That depends on the point of view: Its atleast 10% exp bonus: Imagine the hundreds of Hours u will save exping in the upper lvls to archive lvl 80.
  5. half kill doesnt exist in classic
  6. Its a matter of availability. Delb drops very often from rbs while Bop is a kinda rare drop. Also crafting a bop isnt that easy because shafts and recipe are hard to get.
  7. create a second/third account and start the l2 laucher
  8. its 1 group in whole floor 3 with random spawn
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