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  1. super melee lag is back! its ridiculous!
  2. NCwest ! are ***** kidding us whit this bleep lag ? ! cant you do something right! ever ???? all you care about is rake in money from coins and care less about your players!!!
  3. melee lag is still a fact! plz shout down ranking and you see it will be all fine !
  4. Melee lag! all the time Eviscerator. 1. Sweden 2. NO 3. Constant lag 4. everywhere
  5. melee lag is back! gj as usual lol
  6. Changed the visual appearance of cloaks on Ertheia. how? where ? when ?
  7. melee lag is less! wow !! gz ! what did you do ? im like .. out of words...
  8. RESTART THE SERVER! its unplayable! the melee lag is ridiculous!!!! god! this makes me so dam angry! get your shyt together sometime!!! this is some 3rd world server you have ?
  9. FYI! the lag got worse! after reset! good job indeed!.
  10. the lag is less but not gone! at least its going to the right direction! gj ? looking forward at the amazing compensation for this!
  11. The lag is still here ! good job indeed! but am i suprised ? no!...
  12. nice! 100% xp and 100% more lag on server! its amazing
  13. Prestige subscription canceled until lag/dc issue is fixed, and im looking forward to a huge compensation for this joke!
  14. COMPENSATION!! i will not buy any more coins before the game is fixed, and got any form of compensation for this.
  15. you have tested the same thing 10 times over now and the Lag is still here ! what is wrong with you? are you just incompetent or do you just dont give a f*K? really? same lame excuses every time.
  16. great! great job indeed!.......only been this like a few months now! same lame posts that we are looking in to it ! you guys want ppl to quit or what ?
  17. i demand a compensation for this ! prestige pack and destiny pack is ruined! you ncwest can never do anything right....
  18. fix the Lag ! its disrespectful for ppl who bought Prestige packs, Destiny packs etc! its the same story every time and the same lame answers from you Ncwest!
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