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  1. I have several toons from Live and Classic that I have in the past used (Main toon, buffers, mule, shop toon, crafter, etc..). All of these require different email addresses and you can bet that I have independent gmail addresses for all of these except my main toon. Those email addresses are used only for l2. Having more than one regularly used email account does not make you a botter.
  2. Essentially, yes. It's game time is geared more towards NA players whereas the Giran server is set more for Eu players. If you're NA, the sieges will be around 8 pm for you. If you EU and on TI the sieges will be around 3-5 am for you.
  3. Meh...I don't play this game to prey on red characters for their gear..so I don't care what pk system we have.
  4. Does it say this in patch? I assumed it was a skill already present in 1.5...
  5. No, if you accrue 4 or more pk's then you lose equipment when you die. Most smart people will, after a few pk's, run the brothers bound in chains quest to reduce their count. If you don't then you can't really complain about lost gear if you die, ignorance is no excuse.
  6. To answer pm's publicly...yes we can wait for transfer and no, this gear list isn't definitive. Most important is that you play well and can speak/understand English. Please pm/mail dynamite01 in game.
  7. Pvp cp is looking for a Healer Need to be lvl 105 and fully geared (+10 Dark set, lvl 4+ jewels, insanity, abund, 7s, CoC, full epics, +10(+) ferios cloak, noble circlet, etc..) PM "Dynamite01" in game or send him mail.
  8. Why do you always talk in 3rd person? Are you trying to be like Gollum or something?
  9. Yeah, I know...I was trying to be funny but apparently I failed.
  10. Did you invite them to your party? I wouldn't give you a present either if I didn't get invited...
  11. Omen, our Champion Forum Warrior....I don't understand why you troll these forums all day, hating anything and everything DH. Is it really necessary to make you feel better about yourself? I DO though understand why you do this all day: Because when you DO venture out, this happens: If you enjoy playing this game, then just play bro, the server is alive finally! No need to harbor so much animosity towards anyone on a forum, it honestly does nothing to those whom you direct your negative attitude and comments toward. I know exe/dudot/f2...all of them...an
  12. Daaaaaamn....and then there's the guy who opens 20 and gets a shooter frag. -rng at it's best- Thx for sharing bro.
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