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  1. 70+ adena drop

    Drop is back
  2. Scroll de exp 100 millons

    Why u did t use the scrolls ?
  3. Hi, i am 70+ and i visited a lot of places buy there is no drop... where can i go to at least earn what i spent in SS ? ? Sorry for my english
  4. Lf wynn Runes.

    i have +3 one, Target "Moneda" in giran i am selling it
  5. Giran server is dead

    Giran dead ? Gludio is dead body
  6. Always create 1 character per account, no more than 1 character per account
  7. Missing character

    Maybe u selected another server, check it
  8. it 's free , claim it with ur other character dude
  9. Event Drop Rate

    If u farm keys u will notice that the drop rate has increase
  10. merge Gludio please
  11. WTS Reinforced Longbow +4

  12. Full of bots

    Server: Gludio Plains of Dion is full of elven summoner bots, i report some of them please do something
  13. WTS Reinforced Longbow +4

    PM "Moneda"
  14. Down lever and lost skill??

    Develing a player ? u are crazy