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  1. I have a problem, Auto Macro last only for 4hs and stops, somebody has the same problem? if i use macrotoggle instead of auto macro menu, it doest stops but auto macro only last 4 hs
  2. Hi, i am 70+ and i visited a lot of places buy there is no drop... where can i go to at least earn what i spent in SS ? ? Sorry for my english
  3. Giran dead ? Gludio is dead body
  4. Always create 1 character per account, no more than 1 character per account
  5. Maybe u selected another server, check it
  6. it 's free , claim it with ur other character dude
  7. If u farm keys u will notice that the drop rate has increase
  8. Server: Gludio Plains of Dion is full of elven summoner bots, i report some of them please do something
  9. Login 800 player and going down and down every day, please do something My dwarf used to sell 200k of ss per day, now i am lucky if a sell 50k per day, less private's store in Giran.... we need a solution before everybody leaves PD: Sorry for my english
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