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  1. Stun

    Someone told me that in classic CON doesn't affects Stun, like it always was... so i was wondering, WHICH STATS AFFECTS STUN RESISTANCE?
  2. Silver Rangers in PVP

    so, how u protect ur self from sock ?
  3. Silver Rangers in PVP

    PR is good, but with that CON the Stun always land, and they have low HP the 3 archers are really good and useful don t worry about PvP
  4. RAIDS 30+

  5. Bots problem

    Sorry for my inglish ...
  6. Whats coming up?

    The bot problem must be top priority, is a joke for real players ....
  7. Bots problem

    Hi, what's the big deal to recognize bots? i mean there are almost all Elven Summoner's with low items... is just talk them and when u did't recibe answer after talk and hit is obvious that the player is a bot.... WHY THEY DO'NT BAN BOTS ? THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. yesterday i was doint 2job quest and Gorgon Flower Garden was so full of bot's ! ! ! u have to do somethink come on , patience is not forever... and why whe can just report only 1 ??? Let me report all the bots ! ! !
  8. Gl everyone

    This is hilarius
  9. Gludio Server, Gorgon Flower Garden full of Elven Summoner bot's ! ! ! is so easy to recognize them, please BAN THEM ! ! ! Come on NCSOFT, is easy to go there and check it !
  10. Gludio server, Gorgon Flower Garden full of Elven Summoner bots, i had to kill Medusa for quest and was really hard... and is the low population server.... NCSOFT PLEASE BAN BOTS ! ! !
  11. Dragon pendants event details

    Free pendants for vip players ? All pendants will stay, not only for VIP players....
  12. Classic Server Population.

    That's imposible, it looks like Gludio server
  13. Fix adena!!!

    I prefer our server, they made a big mistake with pendats i knok but before that the only critical thing was bot's
  14. Fix adena!!!

    stat bonus +1? 250% drop increase? OMG that's really P2W