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  1. Lf wynn Runes.

    i have +3 one, Target "Moneda" in giran i am selling it
  2. Giran server is dead

    Giran dead ? Gludio is dead body
  3. Always create 1 character per account, no more than 1 character per account
  4. Full of bots

    Server: Gludio Plains of Dion is full of elven summoner bots, i report some of them please do something
  5. Missing character

    Maybe u selected another server, check it
  6. it 's free , claim it with ur other character dude
  7. Event Drop Rate

    If u farm keys u will notice that the drop rate has increase
  8. merge Gludio please
  9. WTS Reinforced Longbow +4

  10. WTS Reinforced Longbow +4

    PM "Moneda"
  11. Down lever and lost skill??

    Develing a player ? u are crazy
  12. Merge servers

    Gludio is empty
  13. Login 800 player and going down and down every day, please do something My dwarf used to sell 200k of ss per day, now i am lucky if a sell 50k per day, less private's store in Giran.... we need a solution before everybody leaves PD: Sorry for my english
  14. Plated Leather Armor

    Luxury Shop in Giran Town
  15. Spell Book Suggestion

    Please NO ! That s not hardcore
  16. What means migration? We need a server merge between Gludio and Aden
  17. Clan Saintarch is recruiting 20+ (And others clans)

    i mail you
  18. How to "make" adena?!

    Enter in a clan and recibe the daily rewards
  19. Pendant Boxe's

    Pendants ??????
  20. Stun

    Someone told me that in classic CON doesn't affects Stun, like it always was... so i was wondering, WHICH STATS AFFECTS STUN RESISTANCE?
  21. Stun

    So classic is worst that "the really Classic" i mean why they do something like this ?
  22. Silver Rangers in PVP

    so, how u protect ur self from sock ?
  23. Silver Rangers in PVP

    PR is good, but with that CON the Stun always land, and they have low HP the 3 archers are really good and useful don t worry about PvP