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  1. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    account already in use or client closed.AM I BANNED? :D:D:D:D

    http://prntscr.com/m73vez pm in game Avelf
  3. Another Bot thread

    welcome to lineage2.almost every area is full of bots but none using ban command.this game is only for adena sellers.dont ask me who are they,u can ask NCsoft.this game is real job for these people.making lot of money by selling adena.L2 is not enjoyable any more.have fun and good luck
  4. 100% agreed.dev team do great work!NcSoft always hired pros
  5. i was at sos for 1 week too.get NOTHING.ZERO DROPS.so be happy for u using vip1 instead of mine vip4
  6. l2 died long time ago and as everyone know, you cant ressurect the dead.u destroyed this game once more.soon only bots will playing as always happend.
  7. Future of classic

    do you really think this guy care about ban?im sure he saved millions of adena to start a new one
  8. Future of classic

    this happen right now at spellbook areas.nobody can contest against bot 24/7.u cant ressurect the dead.l2 is dead long time ago.
  9. Guys if u have money irl u will survive.if not u better change game.Every change Ncsoft is doing,they just making adena seller more richer