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  1. Dude. This Stanx botting with full pt from start of the gludio server...
  2. Yes, adena rates again x0,25...
  3. Dion Area! Killing "silent players" !

    Nice to see how you work:) just sad about how much bots are...
  4. I agree with Jesus. No point to merge gludio with aden. They both are empty, and merge not solve the problem. Need merge giran + gludio/aden, and TI with another one.
  5. Nobody killing Raid Bosses?

    Gludio server is dead, there no people to do rb's
  6. Aden server is DYING HARDCORE

    Same thing in Gludio server. At 50+ is impossible to find a party.
  7. Spoil guide?

    Yes, spoil rate its totally bleeped there, better reroll till you low lv