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  1. True! Too many cakes are bad for our health. Maybe now the best event will be "find Fioti", so that we will start running around in order to find him! And lose some weight...
  2. We had more than enough of cakes till now! Plz disable the event in Giran untill u find a solution. And if you cannot find one, just find another more creative way to give xp to players! No need to torture us any more....
  3. Maybe you are right. In my opinion Silver Coins are not drops. They are rewards for VIPs and have nothing to do with the kind of mobs we kill. Anyway, lets wait for NC Soft ppl to answer !
  4. Please NC Soft team check this: Doom Knights (massacre field) do not give Silver Coins. It is not a problem of low rate. They just dont give Silver Coins at all! Can u palese corerct this? Thank you
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