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  1. Thanks FachaAR you can teach us a lot of your experience with your guild and ally in Elw and Lud 2004 2008
  2. if you think someone doesn't deserve have top gear, use report bot buttom
  3. You will need needed: 3 keyboards 3 computers 3 TV Screen Macros will be first macros /assist name /launchspell command secondary macros to follow /target /target when you target, with your fingerfoot make your two friends attack too best characteres to play in this hardcore playing are melee chars enjoy!
  4. Can i play with USB FOOT KEYBOARDS? https://i2.wp.com/www.synthtopia.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/usb-foot-switch-computer-keyboard-e1539127171568.jpg?resize=900%2C300
  5. can press 2 keyboards with my foots? ill just need press 2 keys
  6. can i mod my keyboards with this? https://ferreteriavidri.com/images/items/large/325.jpg then ill press only one letter to press the other three
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