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  1. Death Wisper

    The tragic mob density that reminds me of Chronicles before C3 did the 'all hunting zone overhaul' is your problem, as you don't spend time killing but rather moving around. A boxed SwS with Song of Wind really helps, trust me. Even 24/7 bots hardly do more a few thousand Manashens per day (well, since they prioritize any Reinforced Eyes in the vicinity due to their 0-CD long range ultra high magic power skill). And you need to kill ~50k on average (more if you keep getting the wrong books).
  2. Death Wisper

    I would probably suggest farming SoS post-2nd class transfer, since Crater only has 10 spawns in total, so unless you are the only one farming in Crater, you will spend less time moving or idling in SoS. In any case, having a boxed SwS with Song of Wind helps by miles in both locations (assuming you already have WW and zerker).
  3. Enchant exploit

    No. This is false. At the very beginning of Lineage II, the rates were simple: 33.33333% for fighter weapons and 28.33333 % for magic weapons, no maximum enchant level (while armor enchant rates were enchant level based and max armor enchant was +20). Obviously, this was too hardcore. Right after Prelude (BETA and release) it was changed so that: Physical weapons use 70% success rate from +3->+4 until +14->+15 and 35% from +15->+16 onwards Magical weapons use 40% success rate from +3->+4 until +14->+15 and 20% from +15->+16 onwards Still no max enchant level for weapons +20 armor could now be attempted to enchant, with the rate set to 0% These rules were never changed BUT they were not applied to R grade items (introduced in GoD) that have been using the: final % [physical weapon] = (scroll & support item boost %) + (1 / ((max(15, current enchant level) + 3) / 3) * 100 final % [magical weapon] = (scroll & support item boost %) + (1 / ((max(15, current enchant level) + 3) / 3) * 100 * 0.5 Example: R grade physical weapon enchant rate for +3->+4 would be (1 / ((3+3) / 3)) * 100 = 1/2 * 100 = 50% (and 25% for a magical R grade weapon). Obviously, there may have been further changes but I only have access to data up until Glory Days, which, ironically, was when they added so many afk events that I simply could no longer play L2 (your login attempt has failed due to high traffic, please try again later), so I was forced to stop.
  4. Reroll service

    It has been repeatedly officially confirmed to be (and remains to this day) technically impossible. So if you don't want to create a new char, just keep playing the current one.
  5. Reroll service

    I can confirm that even though players have asked for this many times, it is claimed to be technically impossible. Whatever you chose as your 'main' class will NEVER be available to change. Do not waste time waiting for an opportunity, just create a new char and you will be done. And it doesn't even cost anything.
  6. Casting Speed with BSS

    That's why you should not use queue for skills where ss matters. Queued action is executed before spiritshot is auto-activated, so your cast starts off without any ss bonus. This has been this way forever and that's why the smart way is not to spam the same skill button 100 times / sec, but wait half a sec after casting fires (use that time to kite if needed) and then fire the 2nd spell.
  7. FPS advices

    Unfortunately, even with 'lower detail' setting, a 9900K + RTX2080Ti struggles to maintain 30 FPS in Giran/Aden (depending on where everyone goes to make a store AND fish AND do instances where you need to wait around for full pty).
  8. FPS advices

    L2 was not designed as a customizable game. There simply is nothing you can customize for higher performance - all the performance vs quality tradeoffs are already available in the game settings dialog. It's not about something being hidden far away – no such thing exists. And if you are talking about things that disable walls, change all armor textures to the same or disable skill cast effects – why don't you just open up a black screen and pretend you are playing L2? Gutting the game until there is nothing left on the screen is not "optimization".
  9. Best class to DD RB

    Only on the condition that you can kill the RB before the archer runs out of MP. And once they're out, their effective attack speed decreases drastically.
  10. VIP

    Yes, this was confirmed in the deleted forums.
  11. I disagree on most of the things presented in this post, but I would agree that the server transfers - while all servers are pretty much in their infancy - do not have any potential to affect the economy in the long run and they could have been added - for now, it doesn't seem they were even considered. Yes, there are technical things to be taken care of (just like with LIVE transfers), but while the servers had been running for a week or two, any in-depth study would find that none of the players actually reached a stage where you would need to start deciding on something (e.g. max adena amounts to be allowed to be transferred). 1. Adena drop This is not a problem, LIVE servers have had this for years and look at them - still going strong and ready to continue for the next 5 years (at least). 2. L2Store As long as people actually buy things from the store, it is a win-win situation. It is a bit ironic that first you request higher adena drop and then request that people would be forced to kill more monsters to reach a specific level, effectively multiplicating adena acquisition and trying to kickstart the inflation spiral (for your own personal gain?). 3. Bots As the adena sellers are businesses, they think in business terms. The cost of creating an account (or 100 accounts) and logging in is 0. Even if you ban a bot immediately after its first message (thanks to user reports or w/e), it still means that the potential gain for the adena seller business is > 0, so they will come back (cost of comeback is exactly 0, remember?) Plenty of people have already suggested much better methods of dealing with the adena seller bots, since let's face it, they are the publicly visible bots. I don't want my reply to become very long, so I will not list them, but all those solutions focus on making the adena selling business less viable instead. 4. Transfers Already commented above.
  12. About bow .slow or very slow

    You are missing a key point of how longbows vs regular bows work. A longbow (despite the lower attack speed in stats window) will have the same hit rate as a normal bow (and, if I recall correctly, this should be maintained provided you have the same passives and buffs up when comparing). A longbow will indeed suffer a penalty to skill cast speed, as you have noticed. A longbow takes longer to aim and thus you cannot kite. With a shortbow, you can fire a shot, then move around while the bow is still on reuse; with a longbow you will fire a shot and afterwards you will have to choose between firing another one OR moving.
  13. Ideas behind lowered adena rates?

    This particular course of action, that was carried over during Lindvior update, then heightened in Valiance and finalized in GC in LIVE servers successfully proved an extremely viable way of generating constant revenue. Now, a lot of people come, voice something etc. etc. But once the complainers leave (or suck it up), people who continue to play are forced to start paying, at one point or another (and if they refuse to take the hint, there's the GC option of just significantly increasing defensive values of ALL monsters in the game world, while walling off all new offensive capability enhancing buffs/items with a gigantic slot machine that takes 50USD per try instead of 50c. There is nothing to understand here, other than this course of action WORKS. No matter what someone may try to tell you, or what smart-sounding schemes they might try to counterargument with, that does not change the fact this is how people WANT to play the game.
  14. Aden spellbooks

    Spellbook drop rate is equivalent to similar grade weapon drop rate. You merely spent a week (only 6h/day) and you expect to be swimming in C grade weapons? That's not how it works. You need to kill much more than 10k mobs for each spellbook (being VIP). So stop crying and start killing. A few months and you'll have your spellbooks.
  15. @ConorMcGregor was not referring to DE spider quest. Just saying.