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  1. Good night! As stated, the Dungeon of the abyss should be for 1hour only per character as stated even in the npc which give you tips about the place, quest and adds. The Dungeon of the abyss are made so you can stay for only 1 hour inside, ok, for a group of 9 ppl in there, 1hr could not be enough. But there's a bunch of bots and afks which stays there indefinitely because the stated 1hour limit per day isn't work. Please, fix this, so this way it can push away the bots from there. Ps.: Make it to last 10% more for each player in the party, so this way you can
  2. Harit Lizardman warrior has no different type of itself, the cave warrior are the one using shields and Taik Orc Watchman are yellow, the harit, maluk and royal servant are rosé. Im 46 atm. Already studied all their spots and types, nothing helped. The thing is, i got the message of spoil succeded very often, but there's no loot from sweep, in the other hand, when i try to spoil Thunder Wyrm or Headless Knight it just works fine. I'm not vip at any level. I just figured out that there's a place in l2store where you can buy materials for craft, maybe this is it.
  3. Happening with me as well... but it seems to be a problem related to a few peoples and the only issue the devs and gms have stated as a known one is latency problems in the live servers. I'm currently playing in TI - classic, and 90% of the days when the hour comes close to now i keep getting disconnected no matter what, then i have to leave for 4~5hrs so it's when the disconnect problem stops and i can securely lvl. Kinda tired to tell the truth, bots, adena sellers already pushing hard to ruin the game, but this... disconnect couldn't happen in a 15 year old game, right? Expected
  4. Up! The gm's and devs of this game doesn't care, as it seems, maybe you guys are insterested in the current situation of the game, right? I mean, does you guys understand that the more players you have, the better the game is, right? Or you all are only worried about your own pocket as adena sellers? Never thought i were going to say this but, a illegal server seems to be better than the official servers of a MMO... wtf right?
  5. Good night! Have been spoiling Adamantite Nugget from Harit Lizardman Warrior for 1 hour or more, and got 0. Spoiled Cave Servant Warrior for more than a hour and got none. Spoiled Maluk Succubus for about 50 adds and got none again. Same happened to Craftman's Mold Royal Cave Servant killed for a hour and got 0. Taik Orc Watchman for a hour and got another 0. Bug on spoil of Adamantite Nugget. The market is so broken and a bunch of new commers have left the servers for privates because they can't afford to pay the overpriced items in the server
  6. I have found a few, but none had the heal in it and boxer got easily killed by the ads.
  7. Im thinking of getting myself my own ES, but i would only lvl him with the auto-farm system, is there any macro that you guys could share this could be possible without the use of potions and SS? Save the more adena i could.
  8. Any ideas on how to produce the right macro for a Elemental Summoner to lvl afk with the auto-farm system on?
  9. Forgot to equip the weapon given in the quest. My bad, you can close it. Thanks.
  10. Trial of the Warrior - Path of the Warrior Need to pick up 20 Giant Venomous Spider's leg which drops from: Arachnid Tracker and Giant Venomous Spider Have killed 70 and got NONE of the quest item. Needs a fix. Have already done the 1st part of the quest, TWICE but in the 2nd part no drops at all.
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