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  1. Game Opens to an Exit Button

    come on mate, it won't work with l2.exe made of l2.bin.. NEITHER with the old launcher in my opinion which icon is on your tray you need to install NCLauncher 2.
  2. Dualbox/Multiple accounts

    When did this happen? Because box limit had been officially removed..
  3. hello there since the update of fafurion some textures became full black for me, i've tried to contact support but i've just got a trite answer. so basic problem is: if i turn on the advanced shader effects which comes which comes with anti-aliasing on also, some textures of mobs and some shining items like OED weapons (dunno on which enchant lvl exactly) become total black. Check this screenshot if i turn off advances shader effects which comes with turned off anti-aliasing, textures become normal pc specs: asrock z97 pro4 mobo, i5 4590 cpu, gtx970 video card, 16gb ddr3 1600mhz ram, win10 pro 64bit OS. Yes, i have tried to upgrade graphics driver, didnt help
  4. Coliseum teleport

    i cant see
  5. Can we get a teleport option to Coliseum from Aden maybe? That would be great. Or am I the dumb one and is it available from somewhere?

    Some skills - i guess critical woudn too - had been deleveled, check the skills you can learn. Macro bug? explain please
  7. I don't know if anyone posted about this problem in this thread, but without fixes we won't be able to use the new teleport system at siege again?
  8. Bait x Shining Scroll

    What about you open an endgame reward from box?
  9. You know there are other existing method..Like: /target %self /target %party1 /target %party2 etc.
  10. SS BUG

    All you cry about is SS bug..this is not only SS bug. You can't send items/recieve items/put items to WH/withdraw items from WH, exchange items normally etc. Everything which has any kind of item movement and/or consumption is laggy.
  11. Retributer or Tauti 2h blunt

    Since Retributers and Casters now are not blunts but staves (staff), sos only works for tauti. Get a Bloody Slasher or use Tauti with SoS

    Hello, Nope. You can go to other yul classes only: Ghost Sentinel, Moonlight Sentinel, or Saggitarius.
  13. kelbim bow or amaranthine R99 +3

    Kelbim is far more better than a +3 R99 weapon
  14. Hello there, do you mean the skills which consumed magic or battle symbols? Shilien Saint's Mass Recharge Storm Screamer's Cyclone #1 Storm Screamer's Cyclone #2