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  1. Retributer or Tauti 2h blunt

    Since Retributers and Casters now are not blunts but staves (staff), sos only works for tauti. Get a Bloody Slasher or use Tauti with SoS

    Hello, Nope. You can go to other yul classes only: Ghost Sentinel, Moonlight Sentinel, or Saggitarius.
  3. kelbim bow or amaranthine R99 +3

    Kelbim is far more better than a +3 R99 weapon
  4. Hello there, do you mean the skills which consumed magic or battle symbols? Shilien Saint's Mass Recharge Storm Screamer's Cyclone #1 Storm Screamer's Cyclone #2
  5. Archer Skill Crit Damage

    Use Enchant type of Eternal LA Set ffs, it gives 6% Skill Patk. People using r95 set like me uses assassin type because of Seraph set you get 6% skill patk by assassin type.
  6. Tyvm for info, gotta try it in a few weeks.
  7. Now with the new update if we are 103/103+ we are able to learn them both (I guess), I didn't reach lv103 on dual yet to test it. So I wanna ask curious ppl who alrdy tested it, can they stack together or they overwrite each other if you can learn them both?
  8. Who didnt notice yet, the brooch promo from last november is now on store..its called black friday special with the same prices like last time enjoy it! People thought we wont get event for a week and now bum, jewel promo..just to feel the care..Like ppl have money after the circlet promo