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  1. hello there since the update of fafurion some textures became full black for me, i've tried to contact support but i've just got a trite answer. so basic problem is: if i turn on the advanced shader effects which comes which comes with anti-aliasing on also, some textures of mobs and some shining items like OED weapons (dunno on which enchant lvl exactly) become total black. Check this screenshot if i turn off advances shader effects which comes with turned off anti-aliasing, textures become normal pc specs: asrock z97 pro4 mobo, i5 4590 cpu, gtx970 video card, 16gb ddr3 1600mhz ram, win10 pro 64bit OS. Yes, i have tried to upgrade graphics driver, didnt help
  2. Coliseum teleport

    i cant see
  3. Can we get a teleport option to Coliseum from Aden maybe? That would be great. Or am I the dumb one and is it available from somewhere?

    Some skills - i guess critical woudn too - had been deleveled, check the skills you can learn. Macro bug? explain please
  5. I don't know if anyone posted about this problem in this thread, but without fixes we won't be able to use the new teleport system at siege again?
  6. Bait x Shining Scroll

    What about you open an endgame reward from box?
  7. You know there are other existing method..Like: /target %self /target %party1 /target %party2 etc.
  8. SS BUG

    All you cry about is SS bug..this is not only SS bug. You can't send items/recieve items/put items to WH/withdraw items from WH, exchange items normally etc. Everything which has any kind of item movement and/or consumption is laggy.
  9. Retributer or Tauti 2h blunt

    Since Retributers and Casters now are not blunts but staves (staff), sos only works for tauti. Get a Bloody Slasher or use Tauti with SoS

    Hello, Nope. You can go to other yul classes only: Ghost Sentinel, Moonlight Sentinel, or Saggitarius.
  11. kelbim bow or amaranthine R99 +3

    Kelbim is far more better than a +3 R99 weapon
  12. Hello there, do you mean the skills which consumed magic or battle symbols? Shilien Saint's Mass Recharge Storm Screamer's Cyclone #1 Storm Screamer's Cyclone #2
  13. Archer Skill Crit Damage

    Use Enchant type of Eternal LA Set ffs, it gives 6% Skill Patk. People using r95 set like me uses assassin type because of Seraph set you get 6% skill patk by assassin type.
  14. Tyvm for info, gotta try it in a few weeks.
  15. Now with the new update if we are 103/103+ we are able to learn them both (I guess), I didn't reach lv103 on dual yet to test it. So I wanna ask curious ppl who alrdy tested it, can they stack together or they overwrite each other if you can learn them both?