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  1. Do that , and you will end up having huge problems with SP, which in return will make u wanna quit the game. These scrolls only award XP.
  2. Sometimes the goal u set in the game, allow for time spent without having fun, so u can end up having fun once that goal is achieved.
  3. Okay thats somehow valid. Sure u can express yourself and if thats all that is, venting emotions that u need to vent , thats fine. But dont expect anything to happen from it. The part of NCsoft that is responsible for the things that make u mad and frustrated do not even know this forum exists. There are a couple of mods here that try to give the impression there's a company that watches the community, but thats it. There is a crapload of posts indicating the status of things already. The warnings to new players are there.
  4. Hey @Meverick, sorry for the delayed response. About TSS and DSS, its all about your momentum level. if u get level 66 you can have 6 momentum charges at any given time, that means u can perform a DSS & TSS back to back, for maximum damage on each skill. But having to use a variety of skills instead of just doing TSS / DSS is not a problem to me. Also Glads get sonic move skill on Classic. dont remember at what level but i am 100% they get it. About stats and dyes, im not sure whats more worth investing in. if the base critrate is decent, i'd go for full STR in expense of CON. O
  5. Why do people tend to announce their departing so often? What do they think they accomplish? If i wanna stop playing a game, i will just do it...
  6. The thing you have to remember is that this game is basically a time investment. It is going to get hard, and its going to get hard soon into your gameplay time. As long as you are willing to run a marathon and not a sprint, then i think its very viable. If what you want is a fast end game experience then this is not gonna be fun for you. My L2 classic backstory: I have been playing for about a month. Being VIP2 for the past 15 days. My playtime is basically 2-4 hours on average from Monday to Friday, due to work while trying to keep the effective grinding time to at least 2 hours.
  7. @Meverick My play experience as Gladi was ages ago so im missing alot of details about what u are asking. Things that really stand out to me from back then is mostly the fact that our DSS / TSS were amazing burst damaging abilities, especially when they crit. Mostly i remember being a Duelist, having Sonic Rage and being able to mix my combat between ranged and melee depending on the situation. I never bothered with AoE, since i always was leaning towards solo / small party playstyle, which is still the case. Im aware about the Sonic blaster stun and the hex on TS, which are welcome changes.
  8. Hehe, awesome! thanks for the replies mate.
  9. Judging by L2 wiki, it should not be much different than i remember then. Thanks for the input. I'd still love to hear from any high leveled gladiator, how is later on in the game, if it has shortcomings, strengths etc. Also, do people like inviting Gladis in their groups? Not necessarily for AoE, but for general EXP grinds.
  10. Greetings, I used to play L2 back in the day when c4/interlude was released, and i was always a Gladiator fan. I remember Gladi was pretty decent back then, used to enjoy playing the class alot, but i cannot find any info about the class' actual state in the previous versions of the game. Can anyone inform me about his pvp / pve viability, leveling speed etc, main differences on skills etc? Thanks in advance
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