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  1. I play 6 accounts coming up 40lwl easy go aoe solo haters gonna hate but i farm in day what people farm in week easy peasy lemon hero in cheezy
  2. Enchant exploit

    @GodEmperorRump so far so good https://prnt.sc/lm480i
  3. Enchant exploit

    Top c grade weapon cost from 14 to 20kk top d grade cost 2-2.5kk +7 weapon equal for top c grade weapon why the hell i should spend on top c grade weapon craft it in two weeks because of low blades drop ? when i can eassy buy 7 top d grade weapon and ecnahnt them to top 7? before you make cry baby noob commens please just learn the game specially at classic D shots cost nothing compare to c grade , later on c grade will be enchanted to exchange b grade weapons same situation, oh and dont forget Pumpkin quest and 1k people leaving servers so yea so many d top weapon to enchant when they leave
  4. They dont read they dont replay and thye not giving any information on issues where they are what plans are they getting ready for next week its annoys me so much everyone trying to offer ideas about bots adena what ever , and they just blind folded opening new l2store with pk scrolls dont do quest buy for real money , i believe everyone will stop playing this stupid game very fast tbh its coming back to P2W
  5. Most Annoying fact

    @Devoid i was thinking aswell all good in the server farming 24/7 on my spots coming to giran just to get shots , when i started to get back lower locations and making 2 prof on my alts i saw only bots runing horses non stop , everyone fishing other main aoe cp's clan spots are empty Hmm so tell me more about it? shop fishing bots 1k maybe life people in servers
  6. Hi guys i was wondering to start creating 3-4 clan's of PK characters to clear all bots daily? have fun in locations rek bots summons pk the sh1t of them daily who wants to have some other fun , let me know what you think about it? yes i understand they keep coming to spot but if we daily this stuff kill summons they losing 2h per day if we got more than 3 -4 parties group that means they will lose summons constensly .
  7. Im done. Im leaving.

    mate please just press "x" and move one noone cares here you leave you cry bye
  8. WTB> GLAIVE +7+9

    Pm Klyukva or leave comment here
  9. Im done. Im leaving.

    Just dont cry you are noob and dont know how to play this game sya
  10. wgile i make 2 mark of 2nd prof i met like 10 bots and could report just 1? plese increase cooldowns for 5min and give like 20 reports per day there is too many bots at the servers @Juji @Hime
  11. Change report Bottom cooldown

    i dont have time to upluod screen shots or videos join game and run for 10min with admin speed and you will deal with it in 20min , i am offering to increase report bottoms and cooldown time per report thank you very much i am paying for you not you for me that i spend my playing time to make screenshots videos and upluod for you i think its clear for you.
  12. PK Scrolls

    it will be pay to win mechanic by the way you pk all party clear pk buy scroll you win pvp wtf?
  13. Ncsoft has one chance to get it done back properly , fix adena rate delete Vip1-Vip4 get back to P2P servers , start active admin hunt on bots and we will have 80% bots less than we have more people will come back for playing with fixed rates , fishing only from +40lwl thats all what they need to do! @Juji @Hime
  14. havent read all bu yea.. HI I am Elfo
  15. Ncsoft one chance

    they should make topic with all banned nicknames to see for people that they actually doing something and post them each week two weeks !!!!! @Juji @Hime
  16. Ncsoft one chance

    I just dont understand the point bleep adena exp sp rates put f2p , and put vip 1-4 is it not better just make p2p with stabile rates ?
  17. Ncsoft one chance

    but its reallity all problems would be fixed easy go , they get each month money per account , less bots because they wont pay per each new account for 15$ per ban rates fixed people happy to play
  18. wtf is with the disconnects?

    open cmd write ping -t and when you get disconnect check maybe its problem with you not with server i am not having this problem at all
  19. About Database l2 wiki

    I believe you are -10 IQ guy l2wiki is not official NCsoft or innova website its private website? where is added russian langauge aswell? and its originaly from russia? for your dreams tonight
  20. Really ?

    By the way knariks is like event mob there its spawns randomly and not all the time they have it with respawn so please stop cry
  21. Really ?

    i make at 30lwl 1kk-1.5kk a day where you see problem? :Daoe warrior
  22. We need SP too....

    Why you doing all AI quests? if you cant farm per day 3kk-2kk exp at spots you shouldnt play this game i am not doing AI quests simple answer= NO ADENA NO SP NO FULL DROPS I RATHER FARM IN SPOT AND GET EVERYTHING AND YOU JUST CRY LOGING FOR 1hour in game do daily level up and no adena no exp go back to GOT chronos naia servers and play like noobs
  23. Future of classic

    @Avelf if he traded bot adena to another character that account gets ban aswell they checking who picked drop or trade mailed adenas so some people gets ban just only for buying adena from botters
  24. Future of classic

    At ru classic top sides has pk parties going off prime time to pk all bots in all areas each day stun them get items and other stuff i hopso top sides will do here something aswell , i am leveling archer aswell to have some fun hunt on bots only , kill summons etc..
  25. Please people stop cry about adena and spoil rate? do you even understand classic hardcore? Juji already gave for you pumpkin quest for top d grade and exp event you dont know how to play this game simple as it is , you farm AI , ADENA Dungeons and cry no adena bla bla bla , go get spoil farm adena craft for your main items and so on , if you dont have time to play this game or you noob from WOW or GOD side please go back where you came from and stop cry like little kids without candy its hard server for people who like grind