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  1. don’t get me wrong, but in my opinion ncwest just trying to make server seems crowded with whatever it is, real players, afker, bots, just to show their server population statistics to their stake holder. Sadly bot population are exploding making real and loyal players can’t stand it anymore, really getting too ridicioulus, let’s see how far ncwest will let their server like this,....

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  2. 1 hour ago, JCrazy said:

    Dude. Did you know you can run to the desired location and use scrolls of escape when you are half way to port to the next town? 

    Most users today may have not been out of diapers in 2004. This was actually a thing. Teleporting is for emergencies. Save your adena, It adds up if you don't give it away to the GK. Welcome to OG L2.



    it's not the same atmosphere anymore, back in 2004, everything is fresh and unexplored,..even running from town to town are good experience, atm at this rate, gk fees would causing bad impact to server population,..i wish i am wrong AGAIN!


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