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  1. Auto Attack during PVP

    also had noticed that this happened and the macros with attack do not work for adding 1 delay certain delay that does not accompany the attack speed. The move of ncwest to make it harder to drop the book to generate a natural pvp between players per spot is already a big foot in the bag and still have flaws in the pvp system is difficult.
  2. developers, administrators, and responsible for the support, they do not pronounce themselves with bot problems, you never see a single effort to try to inhibit bot acts, it's tiring to have to block all of them, it's a fight that we can never win and still have a broken game full of bugs, I would very much like to believe that ncwest is not involved with gold seller but it is already very difficult to believe. In my eyes they are all corrupt and always remain silent. a single trust answer would be enough, but how do you defend yourself if you are involved?
  3. Estimated calculation of GK

    I see the inequality in relation to the drop of adena for solo up and party up, fighter are with the consumption much greater in comparison to the magicians, it is easy to see 1 magician joining all the monsters of cruma and killing in skill in area, fighter to kill the same amount and speed needed for a full party and the adena divided between them would only pay the consumables, it is worth remembering the spellbook: haste that would greatly reduce the cost of a fighter and the level is 44 of the skill but the book drops only monster 55. Sorry my english.