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  1. Hello guys, i would like to ask about your opinion for Sigel. Are they needed or everybody have like 2 sigel and they cant find a party? What sigel is best for party play or solo kills? I saw that Eva Templar looks like best defense tank and Hell knight best offense tank? Are they able to be usefull after 105 with exalted items or you need to invest 600B to be able to kill something solo and not to be killed by something in 2 hits?
  2. Hello, i return to the world of Lineage 2 after some time and i want to know. I have blessed helios retributor +8 but because Wynn is dead class im looking for a way how to obtain better weapon for my new tyrr. Is there any way how to exchange blessed helios retributor for 2h sword same quality? l2 Wiki says you can exchange it at Artisan black (https://l2wiki.com/Blessed_Helios_Retributer#Currency%20For) is that true? Do u need to have a clan with clan hall in Gludio to be able to exchange weapons? Thank you for your response
  3. So is this game really so heavy p2w? I decided for spoil bcs of dagger skills so even if i farm a lot i cant match p2w players?
  4. Hello guys. Returned player here last played interlude l2. I was just wonder what is role of artisan now? Is he still used to sit down in city let other players create mats and items? Why is Giran absolutely empty? Thanks for your replies.
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