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  1. How to Multibox ..

    While I understand your .. "frustration" towards PVP , let me assure you that people already doing what you said without Multiboxy or other similar programs. And let me add some of the possibilities : 1) One guy , one computer , 2 open clients. Main char he is using his keyboard. Second char he is using a Keypad ( google it ) . On the keypad he binds the keys for the second char. And so , he's not going to alt tab to heal, etc. 2) One guy , 2 computers , 2 open clients, 2 keyboards. Yet again, he doesn't need to alt tab. And I am sure the are other ways to do this without Multiboxy or other related software. Anyway , the reply from GM that is NOT supported, means they officially will not support this software , meaning you cannot email NcSoft and ask them help, informations, etc about Multiboxy nor they will be responsible if something goes wrong with your account or something similar. If it was bannable, be sure that they would of included the word in the reply.
  2. How to Multibox ..

    Sure, before it was "but .. 3rd party program" , and now you are seeing this, which .. from my point of view, I am sending 1 keystroke or mouse click per 1 window / 1 char. Anyway , I see that line pretty , vague. I can already press 1 key which will perform at least 2 in-game actions per character , and that's called in-game macro. Plus, I can genuinely do with Multiboxy : Key 1 goes to main char Key 2 macro assist main char ( second char ) Key 3 macro assist main char ( 3rd char. ) Key Q pick up ( main char ) Key W follows main char ( second char ) Key E follows main char ( 3rd char ) That means each key goes to only 1 char at a time which then should be ok and within their policy. I don't understand the "hate" towards this. It only helps in the way that a player does not need to alt tab for every single mob he's fighting. That's it. No bot, no afk play , etc. If they didn't allowed 2,3 boxes yes, then that would of been a problem. I hope they will keep allowing Multiboxy. It does not harm the community , but helps it.
  3. How to Multibox ..

    Is .. you don't understand English very good , or.. I might not understand it, but I go with the first option. Let me highlight the things I .. see which says Multiboxy is safe to use : If there is an add-on or program that clearly gives you an advantage over other players, do not use it. <------(Meaning) that give you an advantage over other players (such as damage increase hacks, speedhacks or auto-target hacks) I may be wrong, but that's how I see it.
  4. How to Multibox ..

    Seems NcSoft will not bad those who uses Multiboxy : Now, before some people tend to believe that 3rd party software = any software. Now, as you can see, they specify exactly what 3rd party software means , hence : such as damage increase hacks, speedhacks or auto-target hacks So, it's safe to say .. enjoy Multiboxy-ing PS: The above was posted by a user on Multiboxy discord channel. I see it legit.
  5. How to Multibox ..

    You can ask assistance on Discord if you didn't manage to make it work. Easy there with "trojan". Is an open source script, where even you can see the code. There is no trojan or something similar within MultiBoxy.
  6. How to Multibox ..

    Not bad I usually put 1-3-5 DD , 2-4-6 DD , 7-8-9 ( buffer ) , but yours is .. better!
  7. How to Multibox ..

    You seriously need to take a break Is 2018 and anyone has more then 1-2 computers in the house? I think you need to get out and learn a bit more about 2018!
  8. How to Multibox ..

    Wow, delusional much ? You keep sending players to buy .. another computer like you tell them to go and buy a beer. Not every software, script, program , etc out there is a keylogger. Plus, this is an Open Source. If you don't know what that is, then .. stop making this type of comments.
  9. How to Multibox ..

    Actually doing what? I already said, I am doing this since the launch of L2 Classic.
  10. How to Multibox ..

    This "third party software" thing must go away. I am using a Logitech mouse software to re-bind some keys. So "1,2,3,4" is also bind on my mouse key's. What does that mean? 3rd party software = bannable ?! Oh and, no! Multiboxy is not afk farming tool. Please read about it before making false statements. If a keyboard broadcasting "thing" , is illegal , then I'm afraid everything can be called illegal. You made me laugh
  11. How to Multibox ..

    Well I didn't know that, but I believe they have strong reasons as to why , since Eve is a very complex game and PvP focused, that people might have found dirty ways to bypass some .. kinky inputs which in the end, they decided to also not allow broadcasting. If you see, it was not banned right from the start, but almost 2 years after the first announcement. So yeah! Their reasons are far more complex then here. PS: Stop calling it repeater It sounds bad.
  12. How to Multibox ..

    Link me where CCP banned autohotkey. Also, autohotkey is a very wide software which you can write many things. Automation, Macro Looping, etc is one of them and I believe you used something like this, correct? MultiBoxy does not use Looping Macro's ( repeater macro's ) or automation . But anyway! I'll leave it like this. Whoever wants to use it, use it. Who don't , don't. Is simple! I'm using it.
  13. How to Multibox ..

    They will never "endorsed" the tools for that, lol. I mean, they already did that with Auto Macro's, but other then that, don't expect any company to "endorse" the tools for that.
  14. How to Multibox ..

    Oh shut up already! You are playing with 8 boxes at the same time which I think you are using a lot more "actions" per second then me with MultiBoxy. And no, even with the above explication, you are not making any sense. Actually we both assume. But I am willing to .. somehow trust NcSoft and not going "crazy" over something which does not break any other company rules. Blizzard is allowing this, SquareEnix is allowing this, and even NcSoft is allowing this for Aion ( see isoboxer.com ) , etc.