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  1. New begining ?!

    Will there be any new server ?! @Juji
  2. PONIES!

    stop paying for store, maybe then they wake up
  3. OLYMPIAD DEAD on Giran... CASTLE SIEGE on Giran NCsoft screw our servers by adding really bad UPDATES ALL Zones are FULL of bots..admins dont care at all.You cant even report then now.You can send a ticket to support and all you get is auto generated answer from yet another bot LOL. NCwest servers should bring you the highest quality of gameplay. Illegal servers are way more populated and even better protected from using 3rd party software. So im asking,how is this even possible.For what is this company with this really really bad employes getting paid? Have you ever played or saw the situation on classic servers ? @Hime, @Juji Do you have any power in that company exept posting on forum? WAKY WAKY or we have emtpy servers soon here..And empty i mean 200 bots farming for no reason.
  4. Classic servers are dead ?

    450 ppl participated olympaid this period.that means 100 maximum active players..rest boxes..so..yes.its dead to me
  5. Classic's Current Situation

    yet no response..what are they paid for lol...
  6. Classic's Current Situation

    sad..but true.. Current patch absolutely trash..Locations that we wont farm for next years,Castie siege waste of time,no chance to take Giran. In order to compete on olympiad you need to log 8 Windows..not everyone can afford it.. This just force you to run a multiple BOTS to afford shots.. Like,do this "DEVELOPERS" know how they bleeped up or wtf is happening
  7. We need XP,SP,ADENA,DROP Event
  8. Client(s) always crash when exiting CoC

    We are having problems with SHOTS on Giran server.They dont work for some people
  9. login server dead ?

    some people are just too DUMB man..i dont know
  10. We miss you on discord @Juji
  11. Lets See them pvp videos

  12. Everything Here is Ruined

    Well,if you think its all about weapons,then is still good for you then
  13. Best Update ever for tanks

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RKdKj88WQc&t Mass Chain Strike OP? NOPE
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RKdKj88WQc&t Mass Chain Strike OP? NOPE
  15. Everything was fine until we invited our buffer with VIP 0 and Adena and Drops completly stop droping.. I dont say low adena,drops,i say 0
  16. Guyz,stop worry about S grades,we wont get them even this year,so relax
  17. Giran Server Shop Madness

    Complaining on server population
  18. Lvl 70+

    Sillent Valley
  19. We need Drop / Spoil Database !

    Once they bring Secret of Empire update, we will be close to Innova ,so i suggest you to use l2wiki.com database
  20. question about duel boxing

    it is allowed up to 3 windows per PC
  21. May 15th update...

    You need to relax Not even EU,RU versions got S grade already,so chill,you wont see them next year at least
  22. When? Server needs an update,not the store @Juji, @Hime
  23. 1st May olympiad starts

  24. Anniversary Day Buffs Schedule

    Hello @Hime what kind of buffs ?