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  1. Couldn't agree more. They're just milking us with 0 regard for our opinions or the state of the game itself.
  2. Thanks ncsoft im going back to

    Not gonna like, when I saw the dragon pendant in the L2 shop for "money" I went and spent 80$ on ESO. Not sure how much longer I'll even keep logging in here. This is just sad.
  3. They already have an in game cash shop in the "beta". Other then being a newer game don't get your hopes up it will be much different.

    The excuse you're going to get will go along the lines of something like "There are no GM in game". I'm sure if there were active GMs on the server they could just "pop" over, check, confirm, and submit a report to delete the bots you mentioned. In a perfect world anyway. Problem is, the people who own this game simply don't care. Yes, there is a bot report option, but with excessive limitations to its use. Yes, players can submit videos of "suspicious behavior" aka bots to GMs and probably expect no action or some action along the lines of 3 weeks to a month later. Why? Again, the people who own this game simply don't care. Those people don't log onto the game servers, they don't even come to this forum, they probably don't even look at any statistical data about number of bots reported, banned, etc. They only care that the game makes enough to keep it running. The cost to implement what is needed to actually curb bot use is "too much" to benefit them, or "too much" to implement based on the games overall profit. Why they can't revert back to a subscription based game in order to fund this? Could be pure laziness and the mentality of "if its not broke (as far as profit for them anyway) why fix it?"; or maybe they know they average player won't fork out 14$ a month for this game over all the other options out there. Who knows. This is an old game. Even back in 2002 when bots destroyed the servers they didn't care. 10 years down the road, if this skeleton that was once Lineage 2 classic still exists and poor sobs are still playing it dreaming of something better, they still won't care. I'm not saying bots don't get banned. Some of them do, probably the amateur botter trying to take advantage like the pro botter's are but not knowing what he's doing. So yes, they can say they "are working on it" but they, and any player who have played this game long enough, know its not enough...and will never be enough. Bottom line, bots aren't going anywhere. Adjust to that mentality or move on, don't lose sleep over it.
  5. Issue - Bonus 50% exp/sp dropped

    What puzzles me is how difficult is it to check the code, change the rates, fix someone's 'fat-thumb blunder' and just restart server? Are all these admin on break? Mistakes happen, the longer the delay the more players are losing out. Other then "Yes, we're aware" how about some actual "work/action" to fix the issue? And I agree, another angle cat 30 min buff is not enough compensation for players who invested in this event.
  6. So after the unexpected server maintenance to make teleport free again, did anyone notice the dismal drop in adena?? I went from green/white/orange mobs and 3/5 don't drop adena now. I've had VIP1/2/4 and from personal experience this honestly does nothing to increase drop chances. I don't care what the math says, your lucky or your not, VIP doesn't help. RNG luck aside, now I'm losing money leveling because half the mobs aren't even dropping adena. Why? Are you trying to encourage players to buy from RMT or aren't you? It gets a little confusing to see which side of gray your greed falls on. You want classic to be hard. Sure. That's why I have a spoiler on the side to make "extra adena". I do my research, go for mobs with high spoil rates and the right materials. PS. Spoiling still broken. But even with that at least I was making a marginal profit killing green/white mobs. I know the games not supposed to be easy. Planning ahead, grinding or logging out in field so I'm not wasting an soe unless I need to restock soul shots. I know the process and I'm fine with it. But now mobs no long drop the cost of soul shots so I'm what, shooting in the dark hoping to get a good drop randomly or just screwed as far as gear progression? If I'm losing money leveling where does that leave me? Congratz. I'm stuck with sitting in town to sell or fish, cause at least I won't lose adena trying to level that way, until you wake up and make the game playable again.