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  1. Ideas behind lowered adena rates?

    Thank you. The feedback is appreciated
  2. Ideas behind lowered adena rates?

    That's exactly what doesn't make sense. What do they offer in the store that would tempt you to spend money once you're high level? Once you stop using D-grade you cannot buy anything that will help you progress in the game
  3. Ideas behind lowered adena rates?

    I know they're intended. The very first sentence in my post was stating that they've already acknowledged that they were intended. This post is not about asking for a fix, I'm genuinely trying to understand the reasoning behind why the rates are low. I'm not sure this is information they'll provide, but it's worth asking
  4. Ideas behind lowered adena rates?

    I covered that. This only works if people don't level beyond 50(being generous)
  5. It was stated by @Hime that the adena rates are lower than other servers because this is free to play. Completely understood. Firstly I want to say that as someone who also works on the customer side of a software company, I realize that the things posted by @Hime are not her decisions and she does not have control over what the company does, she can only provide us with info. So I can appreciate the way you've handled the borderline harassment thus far. With that said, I've been trying to understand how low adena rates help the company at all monetarily. There is nothing you can even pay for that will compensate for this issue once you go beyond D grade. So if the rates were low for 1-40 mobs, that would make a lot of sense. Say you spend whatever it costs monthly to maintain your VIP4, there's no real benefit other than leveling faster which then puts you in a worse place because mobs get harder and cost of leveling just goes up. So one could argue that NOT spending any money on coins would be better for your adena. I'm not really sure what their intentions were with this, it just doesn't make any logical sense. It does not provide them with any extra income beyond level 40, unless of course they plan on introducing C and B grade shots to the store, which I think people would be unhappy with but would still be justified on NC's side of things. Of course I could be completely missing something here and be totally off. This isn't really a complaint, because I've done what everyone else has done and farmed on a mid 20s character. Just maybe hoping for a little clarity?