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  1. @juji We really want to know if it resumed to reorder the event and on the issue of why it does not appear the exp / sp bost of 150% as they said that this is happening we want clear answers this is a bit annoying for the community
  2. GRETTINGS i make this post for know if removed temporally or just permanet the event of cake and and because now it turns out that the event of 150 exp is now only 50 exp
  3. im abysswallker i want to get to a new rune othel but idk what is the best choice for aw class focus or cri dmg
  4. But this information is not confirmed we should wait for hime response at this topic because at the main page only sais no exp lost when you die and don't specify
  5. I have seen how the dagger has given him importance in this chronicle denigrating it and making it a mediocre class with the landrate problem is a class that for 1v1 is a Russian roulette if you fail all the blows please ncsoft verify this and adjust it
  6. hi i have many questions how to used the dagger , stas , armors, build, what i should to do in pvp help pls thanks
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