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  1. Send mail to spoiledlilgirl in game with offers if interested in the sealed majestic light body (A Grade)
  2. WTS Majestic light body sealed

    Selling sealed majestic light body(top/bottom combo), mail Spoiledlilgirl in game with offers
  3. So basically top players get even crazy richer/stronger, i suspect on aden like 5 people will get #1 prizes every time the duration. a transform scroll that doesn't allow you to even use your skill bar is kind of a slap in the face to long time fans...events used to be a way for everyone of all levels to boost their income, collect cool outfits/items. there was actually a point in participating. if the bot companies running top raids win the prizes it's just strengthening their ability to bot even better...i'm not even sure this cake event is even useful to anyone under the level max level, i can only hope the squash event feels somewhat more "Classic"
  4. Hey just putting it out there to see if any of my old peepz are still playing L2, was in a clan with "Hades".
  5. Hey just putting it out there to see if any of my old peepz are still playing L2, was in a clan with "Hades".
  6. Hi there!, as the title says LF clan! currently 4 boxing a spoiler & 3 buffers (human, elf, DE) currently in low 20's but workin on it n working the rust off. i played C3-late 2015 on n off, preferred method of reply is in game mail "SpoiledLilGirl" also same name on the discord https://discord.gg/GTeTE7 would be cool to play with people n chat, maybe do some raids...make some adena together.
  7. Returning after too long.

    So I decided to hop back on the classic train last november, made a dwarf spoiler in hopes it would create a nest egg for my playing experience but i'm not sure if that was smart. i remember not really getting too rich 10 years ago running a spoiler n i wanna be able to afford gear when the level is reached. problem is i'm starting cold, can anyone link up some guides that are applicable to this date....do old websites suffice? any forum guides are helpful advice would be appreciated, i'm gunna do some googlin but figured i'd post in case i missed anything in the mind numbing link clicking looking for a viable method(no need to say cash/credit cause duh, but i don't wanna do that i wanna earn...what's the fun if you don't do the work!?) Off the top of my head i read something about a dark elf town repeatable quest? or being nearby to field bosses for something? any other helpful info to get the most out of returning legit.