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  1. 80+ xp loss

    This isn't a bug and isn't unique to level 80. When you die you lose 4% of that current level. If that causes you to delevel, your total xp loss will be 4% of the total xp required to level for the level you were when you died. The reason you haven't noticed this issue before is because the difference in xp between levels wasn't that as dramatic as it is at higher levels. For instance, if you died at level 79 and 1% you would lose roughly 890m xp (4% of the required xp to go 79-80). That would be enough xp loss to delevel and go down to roughly 90% at level 78. In short, do everything in your power not to die with less that 4% progress into your current level.
  2. Nope. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/11703-mcritical-damage-pcritical-damage/?tab=comments#comment-86667
  3. M.Critical Damage / P.Critical Damage

    I was under the same impression as the original poster. I thought that every time i landed a critical physical hit, my damage would increase by 185. The screenshot shows a basic critical attack (not a skill) that dealt less than 185 total damage. While my damage definitely increased as a result of the pendant, it didn't produce the result stated in the item/skill text. I would love some clarity from @Juji or @Hime as to how the modifier actually affects the final damage output.
  4. First off, I read the Dragon Pendant Event notes and am a little confused. It is suggested that you should upgrade before enchanting, implying that you can enchant at any upgrade level. So what's the difference between a +10 Stage 1 and a +10 Stage 5? I see 5 rows for each pendant on the spreadsheet that was linked. Does this mean that each row shows the skill for a pendant of each stage? And if so, does the +10 Stage 5 Pendant have ALL the added bonuses listed in every row? I see that the Shiny Pendant Varnish prevents the item from being destroyed when the enchant fails but does it maintain its enchant level or reset to zero?
  5. More XP from fishing? Angel cat buff? Increased XP items dropping from mobs? Sounds like a good event to me. I like it!
  6. PTS - We need one

    While I totally support increased testing and player feedback, I fail to see how this would be more effective than releasing "fixes" on classic servers. In order for a PTS to be effective, players would have to put their main characters on hold and spend time on the PTS in order to give any constructive feedback. As is stands now, you have all 15k+ players/accounts exploring game content and relaying any concerns to the appropriate entities. I understand it can seem like a slow process but give the GMs and Dev Team some time to work through the community's suggestions and apply any "fixes" appropriately.