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  1. Split window: when you have 2 clients running, choose one of them and use "windows + left arrow" and that client will be on the left half part of your screen, then choose (click) the other client and that will be on the right side. That way you see both clients at the same time. Thank you guys @Garfield @Krissa @MartyDeadly for your responses and advice. You helped me to clarify a lot of doubts.
  2. Hi. After reading some posts about bans I see that some people complain about it stating they were just boxing. I won't refer here about the bots problem because we know many of them were possibly botting and this is not the purpose of this post. I'm just trying to avoid problems while learning to level a buffer for my mage and spoiler. So I need to ask some questions about simple things related to having 2 accounts to play. My main account has a human mage and a spoiler. I have a second account leveling a future shillien elder. Now my questions: (sorry if some are really newbie questions
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