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  1. Gwiz

    THE GODS!!

    God I love the Drama on these forums better then Days of our Lives. I cant help but laugh at something that I constantly notice with all the MS \ Nova Videos, It could just be a pet peeve of mine though. Take a look at @Jinkariya screenshot for a second, Notice all the key binds for every important skill that is needed in PVP.... THAT lady's and Gentlemen is what a key layout should look like. I cant stand watching a video with a clicker, it makes you look stupid. Its 2018 get with the times.
  2. Gwiz

    Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Well ill chime in a little here since 95% of the forums are MS vs Nova related. Played back when Bartz was a baby. I was in Nova and I can say truthfully like @Truffle said, Nova is not Nova anymore.
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