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  1. Thanks for the info, that clears things up for me.
  2. Scratch that, 1 month vip4 is 50 euro here, sub for the EU classic is 10 euro/month. NCsofts version is clearly a money grab.
  3. So I've been relying on l2wiki for most of the information about classic and lots of the data seem to fit. Except the exp rates (and adena drops, but thats being hopefully fixed soon). The exp values on the NCsofts Classic are about 25% lower than the wiki says. Exactly the amount VIP4 gives you. So are we essentially expected to get VIP4 to have the same exp rates as on a real classic server? Don't get me wrong, I'm playing for free so I expect to get some sort of downside, this is just an observation. Are there any other noticeable differences that you have noticed when
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