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  1. Many people is getting banned not for bot but for these reasons: 1) abuse of the bot report buttom 2) insults 3) racism 4) stalking 5) harassing check your logs in your mind, maybe you broke that and u are thinking u got banned for bot but u arent a bot.
  2. maybe your guildmaster kicked from the guild when you was going to kill them or maybe they had the mule guild with the same logo as your war typically common strategy wars
  3. the karma system is fine, if not, you will have people PKEING everyone all the time and that will kill the game, remember how easy is to lvl up to lvl 50, and make a pk as in old times, and travel the world pkeing everyone, i did that with two friends, we were 3 mages, pking all the people, and for that reason they asked for this current pk system wanna die all the time? then, stop killing in a unusuless way, and learn to play without pk low lvls as you probabbly are doing
  4. most servers are full of bots, gludio dont have a lot of bots such as GIRAN ADEN OR TALKING ISLAND, also, gludio dont have QUEUE
  5. we are 50+ and we play in party all day, stop crying or play more 9 characters in many computers as a lot are doing
  6. is legal to run 3 clients per pc, mistake reading
  7. be a man and dont commit the same mistake again what more do you expect to do? be more carefull -.-
  8. This is totally WRONG, GMs delete that items there is a lot of people here paying money, they dont deserve this new of get that gamemasters were restoring items to +15 WTF Gamemaster has nothing to do with players more than just ban them, not item restorations
  9. funny way to lose money if someone tries to pk a bunch of mules if you pass more than 3 pks, im sorry for you, but after that, karma increases so high, imagine at +15 pk, u wont ever down that karma, each time u get one pk more, karma penalty increases a lot more, this means, if you get 1000 pks, your karma gonna be so high that you gonna spent 10.000 dollars to down itç then be carefull with who you pk, is better ignore.
  10. you save more time starting a new character, good luck and be carefull with who you pk
  11. Penalty 1 = debuff 24 hours that puts all your stats even speed on 0 and unable you to trade or drop items, locking your inventory, but not banning you Penalty 2 = debuff 1 month Penalty 3 = debuff 1 year Each week any GM will launch a massive Captcha to complete to all the characters logged in in the server, this could be in any hour, 1 time per week, this mean, if someone is botting and is AFK will get the debuff for not complete the captcha, that means too, people that arent in the cities will get the debuff, but people that are in the cities wont get the debuff
  12. thanks, i just wanted to know if drop database was working fine
  13. 1 database says unicorn elder drops a book, another database says a lvl 43 monsters drop same book.. what database is correct...? it seems weird kill exactly 50.000 monsters and 0 books drops, probabbly database is wrong RIGHT?
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