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    So i'm a Feoh Mystic Muse and im doing the Main quest where i have to level up my Faction to complete it and im stuck on level 3 94% , i've done all the quests except two - the Special Mission ones , ive asked a bunch of people ingame and nobody knows how or where to do them. Ive looked on my own for the Raid Bosses where i need to hunt them but i didnt find a single one so im asking should i skip those or if there is a way to do them how do i do them , i am kinda new to "this" kind of lineage , i used to play like 8 years ago interlude clients only so im not familiar with the new stuff HELP!!!
  2. So as the titlte says i accidentally sold my dynasy leather helm ( i meant to sell the A-Grade one ) as soon as i did my 76 class is there any way i can get it back , its too late for refund , maybe i can buy it somewhere or re-do the quest somehow . IM new here so i barely know anything .