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  1. i had the same thing happen to me yesterday my lvl 36 was at ct marsh way in the back while my lvl 49 wc was at the entrance of CT noo drops mat/adena until i kicked the char from party.
  2. Having a similar issue, I don't think it's server lag. Soulshot is working just fine but spiritshot won't activate after the initial one. I have to unequip my weapon and then reequip to even load one spirit shot. This is happening only on certain characters. @Juji @Hime Please look in to this for me.
  3. Going on 20 days of sending emails and trying to clear my name and get this resolved with no progress. Why would I even bother if I wasn't innocent. 23227808 @Hime @Juji help me out I been playing this game since it came out, I literally have the OG game disk and instruction guide. I have never used any 3rd party software ever.
  4. GL bro, I have been going back and forth with em trying to get my account unlocked the last response they gave me told me they would no longer respond. so pretty much to just go kick rocks. you would think with the amount of people claiming false bans that they would see that there is a problem.
  5. Just happened to me, supposedly used 3rd party software which is bs. Banning people that play this game legit while the same botters go untouched for months....disgusting.
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