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  1. Dont overclock, and dont underclock if you dont know what are you doing you can loose a motherboard, and weird times the CPU you will have to check many times, and test sometimes for a month or week, if that overclock works for your CPU or underclock and there is many way to test if the overclock or underclock is working as should, and you wont check this in 10 or 1 hour of stressing your components, this will only be tested in a normal idle and full states is hard to lose the motherboard doing that, many times you will get a BSOD, and reset with a default reset bios, and
  2. with 1 PP gonna takes you probabbly 3 hours with 2 pp gonna takes you probabbly 2 hours with 3 pp gonna takes you probabbly 1.30 hours with 5 pp gonna takes you 1 hour with 6 pp gonna takes you 40 minutes now get the people, get the time, and decrease your karma remember you will need the help of 7 players, 6 supports, and someone that kills you good luck, and next time, think about kill the others oh and remember 13k karma is more than 1 to 2 levels of exp, whatever the lvl u be, unless the 6 supporters be a bishop lvl 74
  3. you cant get a captcha in town, thats the trick, try to report someone in town, you just cant, and fishing should be outside cities. the solution against botters, is there when BLIZZARD does a banwave in blizzard games, first, they kick everyone in the servers, many times along the day then late, comes the banwave this is the same, but better wonder why a lot of suggestion in blizzard games, were applyied " my suggestions were heard " same in TERA EME and RU my suggestion were HEARD but here, they are not listening to
  4. Just make a random captcha spawn between 00:00 and 23:59 if not completes it in 20 minutes, Ban thats all
  5. already got all the epics of this game, and top S gear in year 2008
  6. do what million people did from 2003 to today sell the crystals at 485g each one to sell it fast, or, sell it to 550 and wait a lot to sell it all with that money, get a mid d grade weapon, good luck
  7. This is a big DATA In tera EME, to bug weapons and launch weapons from + 12 to +15 in a round, without spending MILLIONS the glitch was the " lag " people forced the LAG against the server, and spammed the craft, and epic win +13 relogged, waited a momment because the message appeared in all the server 1 hour late +14 +15 that was the glitch same was with boxes first DDOS ATTACK against server ( remember we suffered a lot of big lag spikes these last 2 months ,wei
  8. in less than 2 months, someone with +16 is not legit 100% 1) adena buyer 2) men injection exploiter 3) contribution of all the guild 4) adena botter, maybe bots with many computers and trade the money to the main it is impossible for one person, farm enough money to craft a +16 weapon, and is 99.9% possible that you have more chances to win the jackpot in real life, than to craft a only 1 weapon to +16 in a round this is based my experience playing lineage 2 and experience of a lot more players around last 15 years
  9. im a 2003 players, is pretty knowed that if you are SE you will use a draconic bow ROOT monsters, draconic bow hits
  10. hi, i had been playing lineage 2 from year 2003 or 2004, i played servers with 170, 330, and 8 ms in 8 ms servers i can spam casting without this issue, this issue appears when you are up of 180 to 240 ms
  11. guys, some people is felling frustrating that for the fact of have a bit of high ping,when you cast a skill, first launchs the skill and late activates the BSPS a buff to activate or deactive, increasing the STATS as the BSPS does, gonna fix the issue for example, with BSPS acitvate, the casting speed will be at double if is BSPS or SPS, dame M ATK just change the formula and do the same, and this will solve the issue with the high ping and BSPS ISSUES, same in sieges where a lot of people has that problem
  12. a normal person shutdown the modem each night to safe electricity, and in some hours will have a NEW IP im having the same ISSUE, i need to disable PIN CODE, and IP VERIFICATION, tired of write validation numbers any GM give us the option to disable it in our accounts, thanks
  13. i think could be better if we have a buff that we can use for ammount of time, and enable or disable it when we want, as a play/stop a buff is better than sps bsps activations, because the sps bsps activation lags the server, and is a lot more lag when the server is very populate i did this suggestion in another mmorpgs that had the same system, and with my suggested system, the game,worked a lot better
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