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  1. Blast from the Past - HINDEMITH

    I guess there are no more peoples from Hindemith xept those that exist in Nova ally clans like Karigan - bigpoppa etc. and Core clan like Nort <3 , dingin , Krago etc... So stick with them and the Hindemith community will never get dead in this server Cheers!
  2. Dear @Juji , @Hime and all the team of NCSoft, After i posted a ticket about my S80 (Vesper Noble leather armor actually) type of armor i would like to suggest here also, to bring back the 2 NPC's, Rapidus in Town of Aden and Scipio in town of Rune, so me and maybe other players who have same issue to have the option of PVP Removal from any type of the old S-S80 Armors/Weapons. You could even do that to one of your maintenances, or remove it from the item it self upon player request. Thanks in advance.