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  1. Fairy Agathion Charm

    Thank You. It works.
  2. Clan level

    Dear GM, I play on server Naia. Nickname Blaineseis lvl 90. I just create today a clan in Town of Schuttgart talking with a priest and I can't level up my clan there and anywhere. I can't see that option for me. Please help me and be patient
  3. Fairy Agathion Charm

    Dear GM, I have 90 lvl. My nickname is Blaineseis. I play on server Naia. I can't wear my Fairy Agathion Charm and in that case I can''t Teleport to Magmeld ANcient City Arcan. Please. help me and be patient
  4. I made by my own a table with Enchant Success Rate and charts. I add P.Atk. of All R-Grade R95 and R99 One-handed Swords from +0 to +16 and Heavy Armors R-Grade R95 and R99 from +0 to +16 and Jewels R-Grade R95 and R99 from +0 to +16 Enchant Success Rate and Much More
  5. Disband a Clan

    You must go to the same town where you created it.