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  1. wea

    Roadmap 2018

    Roadmap 2018 It's a joke... Conguero i say you again you no need new event you need new ppl...
  2. wea

    WTS items

    Only adena!! pvp heavy set + 8 35b 7s 35b pvp dualsword +12 3sa 35b abundance 8b noble cirlet of grace 8b
  3. nice but i think the real problem is the lack of new people in the game. Example. naia: 3000 player online half or more its box acc http://l2.laby.fr/status/ This is real problem, you fix it i dont now how !! maby merge.
  4. yee naia is dead no ppl i see only three ways merge or transfer or quit. But server owner dont care about ppl so is only two ways transfer or quit.
  5. Merge ++ one side server + one side server = 2 side server so merge pleas becous for now naia its ded....
  6. yea yea keep talking dUdot. You are the master of propaganada.... And you say dragon weapon is not sufficient advantage ? always excuses pvp is pvp. So why eXEQtor go in the bridge ? and want fight ? ahh dUdot....
  7. Because I felt that. If we had "ally" husaria never help in the siege. And if you want next time, if we have problems with dh i pm you.
  8. A little you are right. Husaria when she was with us in ally. Never go help. they only thought about themselves. Anr true if i read world chat runiasty looks like an idiot. But I do not know, people hate DH or a particular person, such as eXEQtor. And yet they will decide to join husaria i think. And how not to hate them. (DH, overDPS) If my clan go and try kill a few RB. What they people doing: - kiling ass in pk - buff boss (illegal ???) - kling sumons - debuff ass, use stun, etc. So i hate this people.
  9. and (weird for me) next time you have only one pom. and all experienced ISS players cast angel on heal....
  10. For me someone dh use illegal programs. How possible is targeting people who use hide and hitting their ? For me is not game bugs, obviously they ppl use it programs. For sure many ppl other clans use programs too. But my clan only fight with dh for now. (only siege) for this reason i talk only about dh because is see it.
  11. Skill "Prophecy of Might" have sometimes bugs. 1. One click use double pom. 2. If you casting skill and mobs broke cast no have another pom and (weird for me) next time you have only one pom. 3. I had few times incident full casted pom not work. The end of the story. Fix this FAST!!!! btw. I think two skills {POM} better worsks then one(like now).
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