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  1. Thanks to god im not the only one with this on mind. Do not get me wrong, i still loving the game but as Devoid tryied to explain i feel my self forced to leave. Im not asking for a soft game but already is TOO hard and i refuse to invest so much time for this beacause its going wrong by now. I have already gone through this long time ago and decided to leave this game cause of 2 reasons, first consumes a lot of time and attention and second was the PvP where a +999 gear guy comes and beats you with no chances to gives a fight back. Anyways L2 have a lot of cool PvE things as RPG game that c
  2. The purpose and why is because after invest money and time in game i feel the necessity to express my self, can i? The accomplishment maybe comes when NCSoft takes a look at the community, i wanna be part of the voice or maybe we must simulate that all is fine and awesome? Maybe the propose is to awake some people to do not waste time here, dont know.
  3. I was expecting answers like those from no-brain zombies. Im glad you still playing this, go and waste youre life here you diserve it. As part of the community i feel the necessity to share my opinion about the game, maybe out there are people with life and some brain who get my point. Im not waiting a direct answer for the staff or less, as i said im sharing my critique as player, maybe you preffer to leave quietly but i dont, i put my voice here. Im glad someone with a brain answered me, obrigado Porra. This games is straightly going to die, maybe not in months, maybe not in a year b
  4. Hi everybody. Im playing here in Gludio server since a month, i was enjoying it, feeling progression, wasting all my time to get xp and adena, looking for partys.. but now i feel stucked and without desires to keep playing and let me tell you why. Is too hardcore and for what? After the boost of XP on Gludio and Halloween event i really felt the hardcore. I know many of you like this and dont have any problems with it but for me seems not cool. Maybe some of you have free time or VIP account and a nice CP but for me this is becoming bored because i dont feel any progression. All day k
  5. This cant be. The only thing that you people fix or add is more L2 Store stuff, the community is sending clear messages about what we want or what needs a fix and the only thing that you hear is the sound of coins, then you discuss a fact in game like adena low drops, that cant be entering in a discussion, that needs to be fixes because its a fact.
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