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  1. Lineage II - May Preview

    Will new items be added to the hero rewards as well? Brooch jewels, for example, would be nice.
  2. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 25, 2018

    Any new estimate on when the system will be up?
  3. The Spring Harvest is Here!

    Prizes look great as do the 1 adena items in the l2store. Hope the drop rates for nectar are reasonable. Thanks.
  4. 14th Anniversary Preview

    Ghost and HitEye are likely correct that nothing will change. But when NCSoft stages an event that is meant to be a celebration for everyone, and that gives those with limited funds no reason to celebrate at all, there is no reason in the world for us not to suggest a better alternative. Maybe it won't impact this event, but who knows, if anyone is listening, maybe they will take the viewpoint and needs of the less rich into account the next time. Or maybe not. Either way, we are within our rights to suggest improvements without being accused of "crying." That's the point of the forums, after all -- to suggest improvements, not to bow down to our masters.
  5. 14th Anniversary Preview

    Neutron, please look at this from the standpoint of someone who does not have a lot to spend on the game. The vitality boost only lasts for a few minutes, so to get much benefit from it, the player must buy vitality maintaining items. Even at half price, which is what I expect your sale to be, that's far more expensive than many players can afford. Using SleepingPower's calculations, even at half price that's 12,000 ncoins for one month of benefit. Honestly, this looks more like a way for NCSoft to get more people to spend money on vitality maintenance items than an anniversary celebration. Please consider the 50% base exp increase suggested above. That helps everyone, even those of limited funds, and is cause for celebration by the whole server, not just the rich.
  6. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 18, 2018

    No, It's 2 hours 50 minutes & counting.
  7. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 18, 2018

    Down at 8, up at 10:40, down for 3 hours & 15 minutes. Neat trick. Please let us know how long it is actually going to be down.
  8. Free letters event

    Next time you decide to do a free event, how about having one like the old letter collection events. They were always my favorites before p2w came along. The only way to obtain letters would be to farm them as drops from mobs. The rare letters would drop more rarely (1 in 100, maybe?), but at least some letter should drop an average of no worse than 1 in 3 mobs. The letters would make words and be turned in for prizes (fixed list or roulette style if you insist). The letters would be fully tradable. There would be no way to purchase letters, rare or otherwise, from the l2store. Like the event used to be years ago. This would bring some fun back into the game I think.
  9. Non-roulette event

    How about holding an event that does not have a random element for a change? It would work like an old arcade where you accumulate tickets and cash them in for prizes at the redemption desk. Players would get tickets (from drops, from L2Store, from event NPCs, wherever) and would be able to spend them on the items in the event item list. Higher value items would require more tickets, of course, but at least people would know what they are getting. And the tickets would be fully tradable so people could collect all they need to buy the items. Some of us players would like a break from the game of chance/roulette wheel/roll of the dice element that seems to be in every event these days.
  10. That's embarrassing. I did read the instructions, but never thought to read the item description itself (not even in the destructions). My noob mistake. To be fair, as I clearly said, I wasn't complaining, I was making a suggestion for improvement. Still, how hard would it have been to let us change from main to dual and back without deleting the effect? Similarly, it seems that most new items these days, even the ones in this event that are tradable (like the CHA poition and the vitality beer), cannot be put in the auction house. How hard would it be to set it up so they could be auctioned? It appears NCSoft is getting as lazy in implementing these events as I am in reading the instructions.
  11. True, it's a free event and we should never complain about anything free. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't make suggestions about ways to make it even better. For example, in addition to my suggestions above, I discovered yesterday that when I switched from my main to my dual I lost the event buff and my chance of winning. Obviously, that shouldn't happen, or at least we should be warned that it will happen.
  12. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 21, 2018

    Why bring the fees back at all? Ports have been free for months now, not just a part of the last event. The free ports have not caused any problems. Certainly, there is no need to pull more adena out of the game now. Most people are too poor (in adena) to compete as it is. Please reconsider and make teleports free for all again.
  13. Well, it's free and it's better than nothing. But it could so easily be so much better with two simple changes. Announce the names of the winners and give everyone who has the buff the 100 coins even if no one wins. Please make these changes and have a good event.
  14. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 21, 2018

    Thank you so much for the non-store event! Maybe someone is listening after all.