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  1. I do feel like the server is dying = / You can not find a party if it isn't for dailies..Most of the people playing don't want to party up either.They re all 3 client solo farming constantly.I used to meet new people in lineage and form relationships.I don't see that anymore.It is so strange that servers like skelth have way less people but way more activity and interraction.I was so happy when classic launched and I have no problems with the gameplay rates etc.But the aden server is trully dying and it' sad
  2. LOL nice one I mean it's not a big deal to tell a scripter from an alive human being.So why is this is happening at this rate?
  3. So today i decided to solo a bit with my 27 lvl SO and chill..I am a SO, I got alrdy a mage staff,so the only thing I was missing was some undeads.What else to say I headed towards execution grounds to slay those crawlers etc.We were about 20 players there.The 17 of them were bots.Fact 1,no one ever killed the mobs on the fences.You could see 2-3 mobs stacked alive up there while 17 players were racing around them to kill everything(good for me though).Fact 2,you could usually see some guys stuck on trees walking while tryiig to cast a spell on a target letting their servitor kill it completel
  4. So let's assume that someone has VIP4 and joins an AOE party.No one else in the party has VIP.How is the item drop rate affected?
  5. Well this post isnt impying what should be fixed or not.It just informs.I'm enjoying the game with no VIP too up to this point
  6. I've done both.The item drops keep the same rate pre-past 40s.Spoil rates havent been tested above 40 but they re x0.67 pre 40 too.The adena drop rate seems to be near x1 pre 40 while dropping to x0.67 after that.You 're right about the spoil rates, they aren't being "fixed" by the VIP4 privs.
  7. Well no one can say for sure.I just got some trustowrhty samples,monitored the drops and showed the results.The adena drop can be seen cut in half clearly after 40+(o.67 is just above the half).The vip gives you daily packs to "fix" this.The item drops stand at ~66-77% of the normal drops.By normal I mean the l2 wiki ones.So 0.67 + 50% (of 0.67) reaches 1.Thats how subscription "fixes" the game
  8. Well the adena drop doesn't, you 're right.The item drop does though.You re getting VIP daily packs too.That compensates for the lack of adena drop.
  9. Well I agree with you.It isn't any different from any other subscription based game though.You need 4k NCCOINS to "buy" the game and so much less to keep it (subscription).It appears a classic P2P rather than a P2W one and the FREE word just serves marketing purposes.Althought that's just for now.Things may change with the store updates.We will see
  10. This is a fact post and not a whining one.Its purpose is to inform and that only. After 2+ weeks of testing the official servers and monitoring adena/item drops etc,I concluded that the game rates are not x1.The comparison though is always being made with the l2 classic wiki info.So the actual rate is about x0.67.It reaches x1 after you have achieved VIP4.I think it was intended so there's no point in further discussion.The game is "subscription" based unless u are hardcore to the core.HF take care and see you in the hunting grounds = )
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