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  1. Marrameow


    Then, the merge Naia+Freya will be like water+water?
  2. At every event that there are Blessing Scrolls, the rate to get R grade is easy 90%+ - rate to get R95 could be 8%? and R99 is like probably a system error I suggest that you could implement an option in blacksmith's mammon to give for example: 10 R-grade Blessong scrolls + GE/adena = 1 R95 blessing scroll 10 R95-grade Blessing scrolls +GE/adena = 1 R99 blessing scroll note; numbers I give as idea are random, The point of this idea is that we have not R/R95 population and this items are useless as the modify scroll from instances! The difference between modify scrolls and
  3. So for example on kamaloka monsters, vitality doesn't work, but freya/marph/etc does Do the rune 100% works on kama bosses or other instances?
  4. A solution to point 2, developers could make a npc to trade (as idea): 5 blessing scrolls R1 to> 1 blessing scroll R2 5 blessing scrolls R2 to >1blessing scroll R95 and ~~~etc NCSOFT NA POPULATION ARE 95% OLD PLAYERS. There are a lot of promotions that are useless and the company is the only one who is forcing players to buy in black market. You need change your enterprise point of view and adapt to this new Lineage 2 era
  5. After 700+ opened ( aroundd 3h opening this eggs) the best I get is Venir 12... this event has many wrong things, I think the developers they just don't test the events... 1) The rate to get even a "middle good" item (I say middle to be good ) as a shadow weapon box (nowadays is mostly useless) is around 1/250 or so, super low.ratio 2) In my WH now I have almost 200 useless blessing R1-R grade scrolls - At the moment server has no a community to sell this items so... lost money 3) The exp rune (I have to get easy as 400, but are not tradeable, and to get them we need the npc..
  6. Well I did openened more than 600 and nothing, not even a shadow weap box... full of R1 blessing scrolls (super usefull for our begginers community,,,,) EOD packs and... some GE, gemR and cheap items, probably never will sell it
  7. yes, developers should pay attention to make good rates to reactivate the low-middle players market and let them enjoy the game without been on perma-floor after lv101
  8. Marrameow


  9. Yull Ghost Sent. 101 near to 102 well geared looking for PVE CP (instances/factions/exp) pm here for details.
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