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  1. Hi guys, im think there is some secret or i have really really bad luck. Condemned of Infinity = I killed him 7 time Condemned of Abyss = i killed him 3 time and no reward, literally nothing (no gemstone ). Today i was with my box in the lobby of the dungeon and when i killed him, the message of the reward didn't apear. i have seen this message with the reward of who killed him, but nothing or maybe the message does not apear in the lobby, i dont know but is weird the no rewards. Someone did happen by the same? or know something that made me dont recive the reward? . PD: and yes, i
  2. The changes made are not applied because check launcher identifies the changes in the file, hit my balls and replace them for the original of the account? They save my configuration profile on their servers mmmm ... If someone has some other method to improve performance, comment here below xd.
  3. I remember that the file L2.ini, located: C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\Lineage II\system contained the information related to the resolution, sound, video options, etc. Modifying these options from this file allows a greater parameter entry, compared to the options of the in-game menu. 1. Is it legal to modify this file? (ban or not ban) 2.- The changes made to this file are applied by the client? or ignore this file? 3.- Is there another file to modify these options?
  4. how? - 1 char( no vip ) farming is diferent than 3 char ( 3 no vip ) in party farming? I thought it was the same.... mmmm
  5. For this guy who are lvl 45 -46, all now that we should stay in this lvl for a while until get some equip, adena and exp . But what happens next? Exist another reward on lvl 55+? or something that make me change this 2 box of abyss dungeon, for something better? i was looking l2wiki, and the only quest i can find interesting is something of a card? but the reward is only 1 box . Some high lvl can comment about this? , i know the comunity is agressive and selfish, but you can find a great cool guys who try to help and are a contribution to the game. If you are one of these heroe
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